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A Little Something Extra at Happy Hour

June 4, 2011 by theAddison

Our guests had a little something extra at our Happy Hour today thanks to our friends at Magna’s Salon.  We had a glass of wine or beer raised to new friends, a nice nosh of grilled nan bread with homemade hummus and the opportunity for a free hand or neck massage from the massage therapists at our downtown Aveda Salon, Magna’s.   The salon is Shannon’s and Lee’s favorite spot for a massage and it is only a few minute’s walk from the inn.

We held our Happy Hour out on the veranda and our friends from Magna’s provided free massages in the air-conditioned living room.  In the photo it looks like Matthew is proposing but he is massaging one of our guests’ hands.

After Happy Hour?  The Sounds on Center free street concert was kicking off as most of our guests headed off to enjoy the music or get to their dinner reservations before the concert ended and the restaurants filled.  The sun sets tonight a little after 8PM which ties in nicely with the end of the Sounds on Center concert.   After that?  Live music at several venues downtown, a walk through the Historic District or an early night snuggled up in an Addison guest room with a DVD. 
Tomorrow brings another day with one of my favorite breakfasts, Banana Pancakes with a Toffee Sauce.  After breakfast?  The Farmer’s Market, another day at the beach, a nap in the afternoon at the Addison, Happy Hour, dinner…..   The beat goes on.

Full Moon in February

February 19, 2011 by theAddison


Friday evening. I am just back in from a walk with Maggie Doone and the town is hopping. Maybe something to do with the full moon. Dan Voll is playing to a good sized crowd at the Green Turtle and all of the bars up and down Center Street seem to be drawing a good crowd with lots of live music to be heard.

It is either the full moon or there are just a lot of people in town for the local events. The Book Festival is in full swing and the Addison is hosting keynote author Jamie Ford of “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” fame. Saturday starts off with the Farmer’s Market just a block from the Addison. The Market is followed by the Chili Competition which is on Third Street with Karl Davis playing to entertain the crowds as they sample chili from over 35 competitors. Follow that with Happy Hour at the Addison and a nice dinner out and you have a full day of fun.

It doesn’t hurt that the weather is gorgeous. We have been waiting for days like this all through January. 70 degrees and nothing but sunshine. That is why we live in Florida! Well, nothing but sunshine except at night when we have a full moon. Aroooo!

Happy New Year!

January 4, 2011 by theAddison

Happy New Year!  May 2011 be a good year for you.

I started off the New Year by marrying a couple of friends.  Gil, head honcho of our local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB), and Wendy, his former girlfriend now wife, asked me to marry them at sunrise on January 1st.  They rented a beach house with great views of the dune for a few days.  It was a lovely ceremony and the weather was perfect.  The morning was warm with enough cloud cover to make the sky interesting.  They had a handful of relatives and friends in attendance and finished off the day with a reception at the beach house.  I couldn’t stay after the ceremony of course.  I had a full house of guests ready for breakfast when I got back to the Addison

Wendy and Gil getting married

View of the dune from the deck.

That is me on the left there, blocking out the sun.  No Hawaiian shirt and I was wearing long pants.  And no, Gil and Wendy are not little people.  The camera angle just makes me look huge.  

So, that is how I started off the month.  What’s next?  Restaurant Week starts January 23rd.  The local restaurants are preparing special menus at special prices for the week.  The Olympic Triathlon is on February 7th and don’t forget Valentine’s Day on the 14th.  The Book Festival is on February 18th and 19th and is followed by the Third Amelia Island Film Festival starts on February 24th (watch for the Maggie Doone movie to win!).  The spring gardening season officially kicks off with the Amelia Island Garden Show on March 5th and 6th.  This is all in addition to the weekly Farmer’s Market and regularly scheduled events at Fort Clinch and at our local museum.

So much to do, so little time.  And just who is the man behind the scenes who is assisting in the development of these events and promoting them?  Well, that job is Gil’s and his team at the CVB.  So far, so good.  Maybe you can catch some of his handywork on your next visit.   

Almost Everyone Loves a Parade

November 7, 2010 by theAddison

The town of Fernandina Beach loves a parade.  We like parades so much we had two of them this weekend.  The first was on Friday and was the High School Homecoming Parade.  They had floats, two marching bands, the graduating class and a boatfull of young women vying for the Homecoming Queen title.  The weather was perfect for the homecoming football game with a crisp fall evening and clear skies.
The second parade was on Saturday afternoon and it honored our Veterans.  There was a good-sized turnout for the parade with an appreciative crowd lining the streets.

There was live music at several venues downtown over the weekend and a band played all afternoon Saturday at the Barbecue Competition that was held in the marina.  A busy weekend in Fernandina with something for everyone.

Next weekend (the 13th and 14th) has a lot going on as well.  The Petanque tournament runs all weekend and Fort Clinch is staging a History of the American Soldier in honor of Veteran’s Day.  On Saturday we also have the regularly scheduled Farmer’s Market and the Artrageous Artwalk.

I said earlier that almost everyone loves a parade.  Maggie Doone and One-Eyed Louie are not fans.  The first whoop of the fire engine’s siren has the two of them cowering under the bed where they stay until the last boom of the Pirate’s cannon has well died out.   

Big Doings in a Small Town

August 17, 2010 by theAddison

The end of summer is upon us. Parents are out buying school supplies and back-to-school clothes for their kids and the children are either looking forward to a new year in school or dreading it. When I was a kid the school year started the day after Labor Day. Now it starts some time in August so the Labor Day weekend has lost some of its significance but not in Fernandina Beach. With all that is happening over the weekend you’d think it was the last weekend that was ever going to happen.

But let us step back just a bit. The weekend before Labor Day, August 27th and 28th, is going to be a great weekend here too. The first ever Great Southern Tailgate Cook-Off has really taken off with over 60 teams entering. We even have a celebrity BBQer staying here at the Addison. No names mentioned (as my friend Bob used to say: discretion is my middle word) but he is one of the BBQ Pitmasters from the TLC channel show. One of our local competitors, Richard from the Happy Tomato, will be providing the BBQ for the Addison’s Happy Hour on Sunday.

The Labor Day weekend starts off on Friday night with a free street concert downtown starring the blues/funk music of Instant Groove. Saturday starts off with our local award-winning Farmer’s Market, just a block from the Addison. The day continues with the next in a free series of reggae concerts called Sunsplash. The concerts go all day at the beach down by Sadler Road. There will be surfing competitions, sandcastle building and, of course, some great reggae music.

On Sunday morning you can catch the second day of the weekend’s Fort Clinch Union Garrison. This is a good chance to check out the fort and talk to some of the old-timey living historians that will be manning the fort for the weekend. On Sunday afternoon I’ll be getting the grill ready for a traditional Labor Day weekend cookout for the Addison’s Happy Hour. I’ll be cooking hand-made hamburgers and a big pot of my favorite chili recipe to go with them. We’ll have side salads and all the fixins for a great cookout, just like the cookout your neighbors will be having but without you having to do any labor. (Get it? Labor Day?)
After the Labor Day Cookout on Sunday the fun continues with the ‘Dina Shore Pub Crawl. The organizers have lined up drink specials at 8 local taverns and bars and for the low price of $15 you not only get the drinks specials, you get a T-Shirt! The big after party is at O’Kane’s and Indigo Alley. If $15 seems steep just let me know by August 30th and I can pick up your advance tickets for $10. I’ll have them here for you when you check in.

The best thing about this line-up of events? It is practically free! OK, you have to pony up a couple of bucks to get into the Fort and the pub crawl is $15 (free T-Shirt!) but what a deal! As Pete Millasakas always said, “Free stuff is good”. Speaking of free stuff… don’t forget our Dog Days of Summer Free Night offer. Stay at least 4 nights through the end of September and one of the four is free! Check the website for details. Pete would love it!

When I first came to this country….

June 17, 2010 by theAddison

When I first came to this country I had nothing! Less than nothing actually but I have been in the United Sates for 18 years and, let me tell you this my friend, the United Sates has been very, very good to us.

The 4th of July is coming up and it is a good opportunity to reflect on the freedoms and opportunities that we, as American citizens, have. Yes, I am an American citizen now having been naturalized in July of 2008. (As a side note: I find the expression “Naturalization” to be odd. What? I was unnatural before?) This discussion began at Happy Hour this evening and I continue. Why do people emigrate to the United States? Repatriation with family, employment opportunities, as refugees from oppressive regimes, and the favorite catch-all phrase “to enjoy the American way of life”.

Since coming to the United States we have enjoyed many successes and have made many friends in many neighborhoods. Shannon and myself did well with our engineering careers and now find ourselves doing well in a totally different adventure, running a B&B in Florida. The land of opportunity!

July 4th is the greatest day of celebration of this country; it’s birth, growth and how it stands today among nations. Fernandina Beach is a small town in a small corner of the country but we celebrate with the best of them. The July 4th weekend starts off with a Sounds on Center street concert on Friday night. Saturday has the Farmer’s Market in the morning and the second of the series of SunSplash Reggae Concerts in the afternoon. A Union Soldier garrison will be held at Fort Clinch on Saturday and Sunday.

On the 4th we will be extending our regular Happy Hour with a “Bob’s Favorite” cookout. Shannon may drive the breakfast menu but I love doing the Happy Hour cookout. I’ll be grilling hot dogs and my hand-made hamburgers, served with all the fixin’s. We’ll also have side salads plus some baked beans from the Happy Tomato. We can watch the 4th Parade as it passes right in front of the inn after Happy Hour and lead everyone down to the marina for the fireworks. A great weekend with great beach weather is ahead for all.

While we’re celebrating the 4th, let us not forget the 1st. My home and native land, Canada, celebrates their own national holiday on July 1st. Happy Canada Day, eh!

Hot Chili, Warm Weather and Cool Music

February 22, 2010 by theAddison

We just had the best weekend that we have had in weeks. The 4th Chili Cook Off took place on Saturday. There was live music all over the downtown and, even though the rest of the country doesn’t want to hear this, the weather was perfect! Seventy degrees and sunshine all weekend long.

The Addison started Saturday with an almost-full-house crowd for breakfast of glazed lemon poppy seed muffins, baked grapefruit and orange pancakes served with Shannon’s orange syrup and some cracking snorkers. After breakfast our guests had time to cruise the Farmer’s Market, just a block away, before heading down to 3rd Street for the 4th Chili Cook Off.

There were about twenty teams in this year’s Cook Off including teams from local restaurants, the firemen, police, service groups and even the local trash hauling company. The real star of the Cook Off though was the weather. There was nothing but blue skies and seventy degree weather all weekend.

The Carl Davis Band was playing at the Green Turtle and provided entertainment for the entire street. Another local band, Face For Radio, played all Sunday afternoon and the warm-weather crowds were having a great time.
This is the third Chili Cook Off that I have stood on the sidelines and watched but no more! Next year I am entering to win that Bowl o’ Chili First Prize. Of course, cooking 5 gallons of chili and manning a booth is too much fun for just one man. Maybe I can coerce some of next year’s guests into helping out at the booth. In exchange? All of the chili you can eat and a share of the glory!

The Tale and Taste of 8 Flags

February 19, 2009 by theAddison

Those of you who have stayed with us Friday nights probably know about the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. The market is only a block from the inn and there is always a nice selection of local produce, baked goods, preserves and other food. Starting in February the Market is offering something new… The Tale and Taste of 8 Flags.

The Amelia Island Museum of History and the Farmer’s Market have teamed up to bring cooking demonstations that represent the 8 flags that have flown over the island. Here is the schedule so you can plan your trip to include the Market.

  • February 1st, France. Enjoy a demonstration of crepe making by Candlelight Crepes.
  • February 28, Spain. Guest Chef Roberto, of Espana Restaurant (one of our favorites), will be demonstrating the cooking of Paella.
  • March 7, England. Proper Pie will sample dishes of braised beef with dumplings.
  • March 14, Patriots. Checkers will represent both the fare of the Patriot soldiers as well as the fare of their foes, the Spanish.
  • March 21st, Scotland. Feast on haggis with neeps, tatties and whiskey gravy. A take-home kit showing how to make Scottish Bridies will be available.
  • March 28th, Mexico. Enjoy a demonstration of tortilla making.
  • April 4, Confederate/US. Wild pigs roamed the landscape during this time so enjoy a traditional pig roast with carrots and potatoes, black eyed peas and cornbread by Checkers.

I’m sure there were pirate flags flying over the island at times but I don’t see any demonstrations of salt pork and hard tack served with a shot of grog. Aaarrr, there’s nothing like a keg of grog to get a Farmer’s Market hopping.

While you are visiting be sure to go to the Museum. The docent-led tours are fantastic and they really do a great job of presenting the history of the island.

Autumn Weather

October 5, 2008 by theAddison

The Autumn weather is here and it is absolutely gorgeous. The humidity has fallen off, temperatures are hitting highs under 80 degrees and there is plenty of sunshine to go around. We first came to Amelia Island this time last year and just loved the island. We spent one night here in September, two in October and then bought the inn in December and haven’t looked back.

Our guests are still hitting the beaches. The days are still sunny but nobody is coming back sunburned this time of year. The beaches are practically empty and are great for long walks and shelling. We had a couple leave today who spent all 4 of their days here on the beaches. They started at Main Beach and worked their way south to Little Talbot Island. Reading and relaxing. There’s nothing like sitting on the beach to draw the stress out of your system. As every wave recedes back from the sand it takes a little bit of the crappy part of your life away with it and you end up feeling almost rubbery all over.

The horse-drawn carriage rides have extended their hours now that the cooler weather is upon us. We like to make sure we greet the horses with apples or carrots when they pick up our guests for the one-hour tour of the Historic District. Boomer (biggest, whitest horse you’ll ever see) has gotten to the point where he will stare at our door and stomp his feet if we don’t come out with a treat for him.

The farmer’s Market (see previous posting) is in full swing this time of year. There was a table full of pumpkins and gourds this week reminding us that Hallowe’en is just around the corner. We also have the Fall Decorating Tour of the local Bed and Breakfasts coming up on October 11th. Tour participants can see the fall decorations at the seven member inns on Amelia Island and sample pumpkin-related treats at each inn. Shannon is going to make Chocolate Zucchini Loaf as well as some other treats. We’ve done some decorating and here are some photos of the work in progress.

It gets kind of chilly here in late December so if you want to enjoy some fantastic Fall weather without a bunch of leaf-peepers clogging the roads, come on down. And don’t forget to bring your bathing suit.

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