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Florida’s Newest Clean Marina!

June 11, 2011 by theAddison

Here at the Addison we do our part in being kind to the environment.  We have been a Florida Green Lodging property for the last two years and we recently retrofitted the historic building with attic and crawlspace insulation to conserve energy and increase our guest’s comfort.  Our local marina is doing their part for the environment as well.

Fernandina Harbor Marina completed the last inspection by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Clean Marina program and the marina is now Florida’s newest Clean Marina. The Florida Clean Marina Program is a voluntary designation program with a proactive approach to environmental stewardship. To become designated as a Clean Marina, facilities must implement a set of environmental measures designed to protect Florida’s waterways.  These measures address critical environmental issues such as sensitive habitat, waste management, stormwater control, spill prevention and emergency preparedness. To celebrate this Clean Marina designation, Fernandina Harbor received their Clean Marina Flag at a ceremony held in conjunction with National Marina Day today.

I have saved a gallery of my favorite marina photos on our Facebook page.  Please feel free to add to the gallery!

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2010 by theAddison

Happy New Year! Now that 2009 is done and I have had a couple of days to reflect on what I am about to write here I must say that 2010 is going to be better, much better, than 2009.

We at the Addison had a pretty good 2009. Our guests seem to like what we do and based on their comments we are the top-rated B&B in Florida on TripAdvisor.com and one of the Top Ten Overall B&Bs in the USA according the BedAndBreakfast.com. These two honors are especially meaningful to us because they are based solely on the number and positive quality of our guest reviews. For those of you who posted reviews in the last year… we thank you!

Another big step in the 2009 development of our inn was the recognition of the inn by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as a Green Lodging property. This means a lot to Shannon and myself and we both take our commitment to saving and protecting the environment seriously.

For me, however, there is an annual disappointment in the New Year. Back in the 60s and 70s I read Popular Science Magazine every month. We were promised great things back then. By the year 2000 we would have robots that cleaned our homes and cars that flew. What is the quote from the movie Back To The Future? Doc says “Where we are going we don’t need roads!” And what did we get? Roomba, a vacuum cleaner that scoots around on the floor and scares the dogs and cars that are still stuck to the road. We are no closer to living the life of the Jetsons than we were then.
The biggest technological breakthrough that I waited for was the personal jetpack. I could see myself flying to work every day and zipping around on the weekends, high above the ground. Where is this that we were promised? The technology is clearly available as evidenced by this actual unretouched drawing (that is me on the left) from Popular Science magazine.
OK, so we don’t have fusion technology that provides clean, safe energy that is affordable for everyone. Even some kind of small advance would be appreciated. Back in the 70s we had cars that got 30 and 40 miles per gallon. Now, 40 years later, we have hybrid cars that boast the same, or less, mileage.
My Grandmother lived to be 107 years old. She was born in 1898 in England and saw the advent of automobiles, telephones and air travel. It took her 3 months to emigrate from England to the west coast of Canada. She was born before the internet, reliable mail service and the modern shrimping industry. She saw all of this unfold before her eyes over a period of time that included three centuries. Amazing breakthroughs including the taming of electricity, modern antiseptic medical practices and indoor plumbing took place in her lifetime. What have we got? A 3G network that lets you get spam e-mail faster than ever before and the Atra-4 with a closer shave than ever imaginable.
So, with a new decade less than a year away, I implore the industrial and technological powers that be… Don’t waste your energies on a smoother shave, a faster download or even a better Roomba. How about a car that gets 100 miles per gallon of water or fusion energy that can power a city from the contents of an average compost pile? Or better yet, dude, where’s my jetpack?
Again, thank you to all of our guests in 2009, we hope to see you all again soon! Happy New Year.

Florida Green Lodging Certification

December 22, 2009 by theAddison

We have had more big news here at the Addison this week. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has recognized the Addison with a Green Lodging Certification. Several of the bigger hotels on the island have achieved this designation but we are the first B&B on the island to be recognized as a Green Lodging business.

Everything we do at the inn has some element of environmental thought put into it, from cleaning product and amenity selection to maintenance and landscaping. We recycle everything we can and we encourage our guests to do so as well by placing recycle bins in the guest rooms. Our Environmental Practices are on our web site and we do take them seriously.

We minimize the need for little bars of soap and little bottles of shampoo by placing dispensers of soap, shampoo and conditioner in most guest rooms. How big of an impact do the little bars and bottles have on the environment? The B&Bs in one of our northern states used to donate all of the once used bottles and bars to their State prison system. After a few months they were asked to stop as the prisoners had all they could ever use.

As Kermit sang “It’s not easy being green”. There is a balance between totally green practices and the provision of a luxury guest experience. We could reduce our propane consumption by reducing the temperature at our hot water tanks but that would diminish the bathing experience in our water guzzling double-sixed jaccuzi tubs. We ask our guests to consider re-use of the towels but we always have fresh, thirsty Turkish cotton towels on hand. We also provide make-up removal cloths that are washable and do not require bleaching

All of these small efforts at reducing consumption, recycling where possible and re-using what we can do make an impact on the carbon footprint of our inn but what I’d really like to do is something that makes a big impact. We have looked at a few projects and I like the solar water heater the best. We have a big south-facing roof that is out of street view and is right above our hot water tanks. The project would reduce our consumption of propane by about 1800 gallons per year. The solar water heating system would pay for itself in 4 years even without government grants, rebates and tax credits. Unfortunately, you have to spend the money up front in order to get the payback later and that is where we are stuck right now.

Meanwhile though, we continue to monitor our energy usage, reduce our consumption and recycle what we can. If any of you have some good ideas about Green Lodging that you would like to share with us please let me know. We are committed to continued improvement in our practices and we would like to hear any new ideas.

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