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A Great Music Weekend on Amelia Island

March 26, 2011 by theAddison

Friday night and just back from a short bar-hopping spree in Fernandina Beach.  No, I didn’t take Maggie Doone as she isn’t a big fan of amplified music but I did take my other half, Shannon, for a musical tour of Friday night.
We started off at the Green Turtle where Dan Voll (white hat) is regularly featured on Friday nights.  Dan is a great entertainer and will show up with a few extras occasionally.  Tonight he had a full 4-piece band sound.  The woman on the left of the photo knew her way around a set of bongos and second guitar was featured in a few songs, too.  Who is the guy blowing the harmonica on the right of the photo?  That is Chef Nori.  Its a good thing nobody ordered food mid-set.

Next we were off to the Dog Star.  We were looking for Coop and Tam, a couple of guests who have been with us at the Addison for a week but they must have still been at dinner.  We arrived mid-band so didn’t get to hear any music but ran into a few people we hadn’t seen in a while.  We checked out the new artwork on the walls and moved on to Indigo Alley where Jenn was playing.  Jenn is a local talent with a beautiful voice, much like a younger Janis Joplin.  She has recently signed a recording deal and seems to be on the verge of greatness.  I just love listening to her sing.  Like most people on the island she has more than one job (singer/songwriter, kayak tour guide and surf shop salesperson) and hopefully her passion for singing will carry her forward.

After Indigo Alley it was back to the Addison.  Maggie Doone’s nose had to be straightened out after it got bent of shape for being left behind.

The rest of the weekend?  Saturday will be filled with the “Taste of The Blues” concert down at main beach.  There will be a full day of blues, cold beer and hot food.  The weather promises to be outstanding with a forecast of 80 degrees and nothing but sunshine.  If I get a chance I’ll take Maggie Doone down to check out the bands.  Photos to follow.

After a full day and a night of bar-hopping it is time for bed.  We have be up early to serve a full-house with Peach-Blueberry Tortes and Breakfast Quesadillias.  Via con queso!

Full Moon in February

February 19, 2011 by theAddison


Friday evening. I am just back in from a walk with Maggie Doone and the town is hopping. Maybe something to do with the full moon. Dan Voll is playing to a good sized crowd at the Green Turtle and all of the bars up and down Center Street seem to be drawing a good crowd with lots of live music to be heard.

It is either the full moon or there are just a lot of people in town for the local events. The Book Festival is in full swing and the Addison is hosting keynote author Jamie Ford of “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” fame. Saturday starts off with the Farmer’s Market just a block from the Addison. The Market is followed by the Chili Competition which is on Third Street with Karl Davis playing to entertain the crowds as they sample chili from over 35 competitors. Follow that with Happy Hour at the Addison and a nice dinner out and you have a full day of fun.

It doesn’t hurt that the weather is gorgeous. We have been waiting for days like this all through January. 70 degrees and nothing but sunshine. That is why we live in Florida! Well, nothing but sunshine except at night when we have a full moon. Aroooo!

Big Night Out With Bill and Linda

December 24, 2010 by theAddison

Shannon and I took the evening off last Tuesday and did a little barhopping in Fernandina.  Our first stop was the Green Turtle for a couple PBRs and two of Chef Nori’s now famous “$7 Bowls of Food”.  What do you get for $7?  You get what you get, usually rice, vegetables and meat like a satay chicken or Korean beef.  Trust me, its good food and its not on the menu..

Our next stop was Indigo Alley, right around the corner on Center Street, for their Tuesday Night Jazz Jam.  We walked in and hey, I know that guy on the drums!  Its Bill and he is staying at the Addison.  Bill and Linda are returning guests who came to ccelebrate their 25th anniversary with us.  Mike, the owner of Indigo Alley, was kind enough to set it up with the band so that Bill could play a few sets.  Bill knows what he is doing and back in the day he would tie up his ponytail and play with some pretty big names.  He has returned to playing just recently and only as a hobby now.  The music was great and the atmosphere was lively with a good sized crowd for this popular weekly event.  
Next stop on our big night out?  The Palace, the Dog Star Tavern or O’Kanes?  Nope, back to the Addison and to bed.  It gets late earlier than it used to.

Third Street is Lunch Street

April 17, 2010 by theAddison

Third Street is Lunch Street. Well, not exactly. It isn’t like anyone except for yours truly really thinks that Third Street will be named Lunch Street but there are SO MANY great places to eat lunch within two blocks why shouldn’t the street be renamed?

Starting at the corner of Ash and Third we have 29 South. Scotty, the owner and head chef, cooks up some amazing Southern ecclectic food. 29 South is also open for dinner but the lunch menu is good too. You can check out their menu and even reserve tables online at http://www.29southrestaurant.com/
Heading north along Third we see Kelly’s. They have just re-opened the restaurant and it looks great. Their courtyard is their dining room and they have done a fantastic job getting it ready for serving lunch. They have a lunch menu that they run all day with a few dinner entrees thrown in for evening fare. They just opened on Friday so we haven’t had a chance to get in there yet but we’ll post reviews as they come in from our guests.
The next lunch spot is the Happy Tomato. Tremendous pulled pork sandwiches and other barbecue. Great salads. You order at the counter, grab a table in their treed courtyard and they will bring steaming hot pulled pork sandwiches with your choice of sauces out to you.
Across the street from the Happy Tomato is the Green Turtle, my personal favorite. It is a pet friendly, non-smoking bar with $2 PBRs and a great sandwich menu. My favorite? Their Maxwell Street Polish Sausage served with onions, peppers and chips. Their Chicago Dog is authentic, real tasty and only $4. There’s no sign out front so keep an eye out for the Scramble Campbell bus.
Crossing Center Street and heading one block north we get to Cafe Karibo. This is the island’s only brew pub and they serve a full menu (heavy on sandwiches and salads) either indoors or on their spacious outdoor patio. The food is always good and they are always tweaking the menu.
The last stop for lunch along Third Street is Arte’s Pizza. We love the food here. One pizza and one salad is a meal for two heavy eaters. The pizza is real New York style and even our guests from New York are impressed with it. A favorite place of the locals so it is often crowded for dinner. Go for lunch and enjoy your pizza on their new outdoor patio. This photo really does not do the food justice. This photo makes it look like a cantina from a Clint Eastwood movie. The food is WAY better than the building looks.
So how do you follow up lunch at one of these great Third Street eateries? At the corner of Third and Center is Fernandina Fantastic Fudge. They have not only fantastic fudge that is made on premises but they also have a wide selection of Working Cow ice cream from a small boutique dairy. It must be great ice cream, the line-ups for it can be really long in the hotter afternoons.
You had a good sleep in one of our comfortable beds, enjoyed breakfast on the Addison’s veranda and have had lunch at one of our popular restaurants along Third Street. Still hungry? Want some dinner? Check out our new Local Dining page on our web site. We have restaurant descriptions and links to their menus so that you can find exactly what you crave.
Bon appetite!

Hot Chili, Warm Weather and Cool Music

February 22, 2010 by theAddison

We just had the best weekend that we have had in weeks. The 4th Chili Cook Off took place on Saturday. There was live music all over the downtown and, even though the rest of the country doesn’t want to hear this, the weather was perfect! Seventy degrees and sunshine all weekend long.

The Addison started Saturday with an almost-full-house crowd for breakfast of glazed lemon poppy seed muffins, baked grapefruit and orange pancakes served with Shannon’s orange syrup and some cracking snorkers. After breakfast our guests had time to cruise the Farmer’s Market, just a block away, before heading down to 3rd Street for the 4th Chili Cook Off.

There were about twenty teams in this year’s Cook Off including teams from local restaurants, the firemen, police, service groups and even the local trash hauling company. The real star of the Cook Off though was the weather. There was nothing but blue skies and seventy degree weather all weekend.

The Carl Davis Band was playing at the Green Turtle and provided entertainment for the entire street. Another local band, Face For Radio, played all Sunday afternoon and the warm-weather crowds were having a great time.
This is the third Chili Cook Off that I have stood on the sidelines and watched but no more! Next year I am entering to win that Bowl o’ Chili First Prize. Of course, cooking 5 gallons of chili and manning a booth is too much fun for just one man. Maybe I can coerce some of next year’s guests into helping out at the booth. In exchange? All of the chili you can eat and a share of the glory!

Chili Cookoff!

February 11, 2010 by theAddison

It is a rare occassion when I make two blog posts in a day but this is exciting news. The 4th Annual Amelia Island Chili Cookoff was announced today. Fernandina Beach has numerous events and festivals all year long but this is one of my favorites. Mark your calendar… February 20th!

Teams from restaurants, businesses and service clubs will be cooking chili for tasting and judging. 3rd Street will be blocked off between Center and Ash and each team has a booth. All of the chili will be cooked on-street starting at 9AM and will be available for tasting through the afternoon.
The Cookoff is on Third Street, right in front of the Green Turtle. They will be hosting the Karl Davis Band for some great blues on Saturday starting at 1PM and Face For Radio on Sunday afternoon. The live music really makes the Cookoff a fun event.
Nori-san, good friend and chef at the Green Turtle, was practicing his chili skills earlier this week and made some really tasty bear chili. I’m not sure if he will have anything that exotic for the but there are several categories for judging including Spiciest and Most Exotic Ingredients.
So, mark your calendars for February the 20th! This is a great opportunity for you guys who screwed up and didn’t do anything nice for Valentine’s Day. Pack up your sweetie, bring her to the Addison for a romantic weekend get-away and enjoy a weekend of Chili and great music.

It’s a Dog’s Life

June 12, 2009 by theAddison

The dog days of August are months away but every day is Dog’s Day when your name is Maggie Doone. This is a tough life our little Maggie has.

After our morning walk Maggie pulls the day shift up at the front desk. She claims to be working hard but I think she just reads the paper and tries the crossword puzzle. Most of the day she just sleeps under the printer table.

We go for lots of walks and she knows the routes we take. Our mid-morning walk goes to the post office and down to the Chamber Of Commerce Tourism Depot at the end of Center Street. She stops at the mailbox and waits for me if I’ve got mail in my hand to drop in the box.

Maggie knows where all the handouts in town are too. Our afternoon walk sometimes takes us to the Palace Saloon where she sits patiently on her bar stool waiting for Artie “The One Man Party” to stop bartending long enough to give her some dog treats. After leaving there she leads me past Pompeo’s Italian Restaurant hoping to see Mario, the owner and chef. Between Maggie and Mario I’m not sure who is more excited to see the other. Mario always has a meatball or a sausage for Maggie so we always go by the kitchen door and see if Mario is there.

Sundays are the big day for our spoiled little dog. Sunday is weiner day at the Green Turtle. Debbie makes a big fuss over Maggie and gives her a cut up weiner as a treat. Maggie knows better than to eat with her feet on the bar so she sits up on her barstool like a rabbit and eats off of her plate. She may be spoiled but she knows her manners.
Just before our Happy Hour at the Addison Maggie is pretty much done at the front desk and is ready for a rest. She goes back into our apartment and has a nap while we look after our Happy Hour guests. Maggie likes going to Bretts for our evening walk. She sits on a rocking chair with us and we watch the sun go down while sharing a bottle of wine. Maggie doesn’t get wine of course, she is way too young to be drinking. A short walk back to inn wraps up Maggie’s day.
Maggie Doone doesn’t have the run of the inn but on your next visit you can see her at the front desk. If you talk nicely to her she may even interrupt her nap and come out from under the printer to get her ears scratched.

Watering Holes

October 1, 2008 by theAddison

There several great bars within walking distance of the inn and many of the restaurants have nice bars in them too. Pablos Mexican Restarant on 2nd Street makes the best margaritas in town according to Lee, our assistant innkeeper. Bretts has a nice bar from which you can watch the sun set and O’Kane’s Irish pub has a full bar with a house band playing three nights a week. Carolyn’s on Center has a nice little bar on the ground floor with beer pong on Sundays in the garden patio out the back door. But restaurants are restaurants and bars are bars. This is my view of two great bars in Fernandina Beach. Both are fun places and they both welcome Maggie Doone so that’s where we go.

The Palace Saloon is the oldest running saloon in Florida, in operation since 1903, even through Prohibition. The Palace is a big rambling place. You walk past the pirate at the front door and enter the main bar. Uncle Charlie’s (their sports bar) is straight ahead through the door at the end of the bar and the Big Room is through the short little door on your left. The Big Room is where the bands play. The main attraction at the Palace isn’t bands in the Big Room or the football game on the TVs in Uncle Charlie’s. The main attraction is Artie The One-Man Party, daytime bartender Monday through Thursday. Artie dispenses drinks and hospitality daily and makes everyone feel welcome at the Palace. He’s even got a stash of treats behind the bar for Maggie. The Palace serves beer, wine and hard liquor but be warned; the Palace is a smoking bar and the cigar smoke can get pretty thick in there some days.

Just around the corner from the Palce, on Third between Center and Ash is the Green Turtle. It can be a little hard to find because their sign is small so just look for the Volkswagen van that was painted by Scramble Campbell. You can’t miss it. The bar features several of Scramble’s canvasses inside and more of his artwork can be found decorating the porch.

Inside the Green Turtle is cool and dark with a combination of beer posters and Grateful Dead memorabilia. They have a great selection of draft and bottled beer and a pretty lousy wine list. No liquor is served but the best part for me is that it is a non-smoking bar. People can light up on the porch but not inside. Anthony, the owner, has good connections in the music industry and gets some really good bands that play rock to regaae to bluegrass. The place is pretty small so the bands don’t have to be loud to be heard. Even old folks like me can enjoy it.

Maggie Doone used to be content to lay on the cool tile floor but lately has been more demanding and insists on sitting up at the bar with everybody else. She’s way too young to drink but that doesn’t bother her. With no opposable thumbs she can’t pick up a glass anyway.

So the next time you’re in town you know where to go for a cold one. There are several great places to get a drink in town, try a couple and let me know how it went.
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