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Our Front Door

June 27, 2010 by theAddison

I know. I can hear your eyeballs rolling from here. “Your front door, Bob? Why not write something more interesting like about the lint trap in your dryer?” Well, stop rolling your eyes and I’ll try to make this interesting.

We just had our front door refinished. It was weathered, faded, and not the first thing we wanted our guests to see when they can to visit us. (Oh, PLEASE, stop rolling your eyes. There is no Door = Bob thing going on here) So I had it refinished and, I must say, Curtis did a good job. The door looks good as new. But that isn’t the interesting part.
When you look at our door from the outside there are round windows at the bottom and rounded tops to the upper windows. When you look at the door from the inside, all of the corners are square. Why square on the inside and round on the outside?
One theory is that back when the door was built, round trim cost more to make than straight trim. This was back when craftsmen used skill and hand tools to create trim work. Now, anyone with a router and a power outlet can do the same. The back-in-the-day builders put the round (more expensive) trim on the outside for viewing by all and put the square (less expensive) trim on the inside of the door.
This is Maggie Doone by the door, looking out the bottom window. If you look closely at the window you will see the round shape of the outside trim and the square shape of the inside trim. When we first moved into the inn back in 2007 she had full run of the house and loved sitting at the front door looking out that little window at the horse-drawn carriages that roll past the front door. Now she sits on her chair at the front desk and looks out the big window at the world going by.
OK, so maybe this whole “My Front Door” post wasn’t as riveting as my dissertation on cleaning the courtyard fountain but I am always finding small details about our house’s construction that interest me. The architectural details of the historic main house, erected in 1876, along with the evidence of later additions and changes yield a fascinating progressive story of our house’s life. The big changes (addition of bathrooms and the kitchen and the major renovation in 1996) are fully evident. The small things like mismatched baseboard in the dining room always ask the questions. Was there a door here? Where did it go? What did the room look like back then? Who was their Feng Shui consultant?
This is an interesting old building and every time I start off some routine maintenance project I never know where it will lead me or what interesting tidbit I will learn about my house as I move forward.

Maggie Doone on Shrimps and Tailgating

May 6, 2010 by theAddison

Its me again, Maggie. Bob asked me to write a Shrimp Festival wrap up and announce another great food event – The Inaugural Great Southern Tailgate Cook Off.

Shrimp Fest 2010 was a big success. All of the guests at the Addison enjoyed themselves watching the parade and cruising the artist’s booths. Judging by all the bags and packages being brought back to the inn the guests did a pretty good job of stimulating the local artistic economy. The food downtown was plentiful and, from a small dog’s point of view, there was enough food dropped on the ground to keep everyone happy.

The next big food event in Fernandina Beach is the first annual Great Southern Tailgate Cook Off being held August 27th and 28th. There is $20,000 in prize money up for grabs with separate categories for pros and “backyard” cooks. There are categories for chicken, brisket, pork and, my favorite, ribs.

So, do you think you are Master of The Grill in your neighborhood? Maybe you should come to Fernandina Beach in August and see how you stack up against the big dogs and your peers. If you do enter the contest and cook up some nice ribs please keep an eye out for a small black dog pulling a big guy around the cook off. I do love ribs and as Blanche Dubois said in A Streetcar Named Desire, “Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers”.

That’s all for now. I’ve got to get back to working the front desk. This would be a lot easier if I had opposable thumbs!

Maggie Doone

Guest Writer – Maggie Doone

April 24, 2010 by theAddison

Woof! Bob asked me to give a different perspective on the blog by writing about my experiences here on Amelia Island. It is a tough life being the inn dog and my days are pretty full but I’ll give this writing thing a try. I don’t have opposable thumbs but I’ve been watching Bob type and he doesn’t use his thumbs so it shouldn’t be too hard.

My day starts at 8 when I open up the front desk and take my chair. I keep an eye on things up there until after breakfast when I take someone for a walk. Today I took Shannon to the beach and it was great! Lots of birds to chase, lots of running in circles and I even got to dig a hole under Shannon when she sat down. By 4:30 I’m pretty worn out from watching the desk and greeting guests so I head back to my apartment at the back of the inn.

I take Bob on lots of walks through the day. This first picture is one of my neighbors, Hamish. I like him more than he likes me but he is older and less playful. Hamish lives in a historic home just around the corner from the Addison and his house is the first of many stops as we walk through town.

This next picture is of one of my best friends, Artie the One Man Party. I sit on a bar stool at the Palace and watch Artie working the bar crowd. In his hand he has dog treats that he keeps in a box under the bar. Artie is a soft old guy and I just have to look at him with the right expression on my face and he’ll give me some treats.

Shrimp Fest is right around the corner and will be here next weekend. I love Shrimp Fest for the interesting smells and for all the food that people drop on the sidewalks. It is always nice to see our return guests as well. I’m not real wild about the noise from the fireworks or from the pirate’s cannons so I hide under the bed during the parade. It goes down the street right in front of the inn and the cannons get pretty noisy.

All of this writing is pretty exhausting work. I think I’ve got just enough time to have a nap before the end of my shift. Lots of our guests have a nap before Happy Hour, why not me?


A Point of Clarification….

February 28, 2010 by theAddison

If I may put the record straight on a point of discussion. One-Eyed Louie has two eyes. One-Eyed Louie has always had two eyes. He was given “One-Eye”, his Pirate nickname, because of the way he looks out of the window. We get quite a crowd on the verandah for Happy Hour some evenings and Louie wants to see what is going on. He pushes the blinds aside and looks out with one side of his beagle head pressed against the window.

Why do I feel the need to clarify this? I introduce Louie as “One-Eye” when we go dowtown and I have mentioned him several times on this blog. The common reaction when people meet him and get a good look at his two good eyes is to look at me and accuse me of misleading them about the beagle’s alledged handicap. So again, One-Eyed Louie has two eyes. For the record.

Also, for the record and for posterity, here is a picture of One-Eyed Louie as a pup. No editorial comment intended’ just a cute photo of a dog. Please notice his two eyes.

Louie’s New Ride

February 3, 2010 by theAddison

It was a sad day at the Addison when One-Eyed Louie moved out. We feared we would never see him again as he now lives too far away to run to work and he can’t drive or ride a bike (the whole no opposable thumbs evolutionary thing). That all changed today with the introduction of Louie’s Limo, his new pull-behind ride.

We took him on a test ride today. He was OK getting into his limo and sat nicely while he was pulled around the block behind the bike. He was trembling a bit at first but got used to it quite quickly and now hops in and out easily. The front screen door zips up to keep him safely inside and has a plastic window in case of rain.

Now One-Eye can come to work every day and hang out with Maggie Doone and life at the inn is as it should be.

Break out the bubbly!

October 2, 2009 by theAddison

We have had great news here at the Addison this week. BedAndBreakfast.com (the industry leader in B&B directories) has announced their annual award winners and the Addison was one of the Top Ten Overall in the USA. The really cool thing about this award is that it is all based on guest comments! We received so many positive comments from so many guests that we are in the Top Ten of all the B&Bs in the US. Guest comments have also driven us to be the Number One B&B in Florida on TripAdvisor.com. So, on behalf of Shannon, Lee, myself and the Housekeeping Staff… THANK YOU for visiting us and giving us such great reviews.

We have had some really interesting guests lately, too. We even had a celebrity but we can’t really say anything about her without giving it away and as my good friend Bob used to say “Discretion is my middle word”. Another guest, Will, was with us for a few days and we shared foreign travel stories. After he left he sent me a picture of his time (1958) in Saudi. He was such a handome young Air Force officer back then and you can still see it in him now. Another of our recent guests was an engineer in the Apollo program. I tell you, my friends, Happy Hour has had some really interesting conversations flowing lately.

All bloggers know that you have to include a photo. Although entirely unrelated to our award, our celebrity guest or anything else I have rambled on about I present you another photo of Maggie Doone sitting at the bar at the Green Turtle. That is Maggie on the stool, Louie under the stool (he doesn’t like sitting on the stools) and the hulking mass on the stool next to them is yours truly.

Balance is important in our lives. If you can find that balance between work life, social life and family life then you have the start to a happy life. If you enjoy going to work and enjoy coming home after work then you have a pretty good start. I think that Shannon and I are on that path through the good life. We both thoroughly enjoy what we do, we get along well together (25 years of marriage in November) and people we meet every day seem to be enjoying it too. To all of our guests who have stayed with us, enjoyed the experience and have posted such great comments, again THANK YOU!

It’s a Dog’s Life

June 12, 2009 by theAddison

The dog days of August are months away but every day is Dog’s Day when your name is Maggie Doone. This is a tough life our little Maggie has.

After our morning walk Maggie pulls the day shift up at the front desk. She claims to be working hard but I think she just reads the paper and tries the crossword puzzle. Most of the day she just sleeps under the printer table.

We go for lots of walks and she knows the routes we take. Our mid-morning walk goes to the post office and down to the Chamber Of Commerce Tourism Depot at the end of Center Street. She stops at the mailbox and waits for me if I’ve got mail in my hand to drop in the box.

Maggie knows where all the handouts in town are too. Our afternoon walk sometimes takes us to the Palace Saloon where she sits patiently on her bar stool waiting for Artie “The One Man Party” to stop bartending long enough to give her some dog treats. After leaving there she leads me past Pompeo’s Italian Restaurant hoping to see Mario, the owner and chef. Between Maggie and Mario I’m not sure who is more excited to see the other. Mario always has a meatball or a sausage for Maggie so we always go by the kitchen door and see if Mario is there.

Sundays are the big day for our spoiled little dog. Sunday is weiner day at the Green Turtle. Debbie makes a big fuss over Maggie and gives her a cut up weiner as a treat. Maggie knows better than to eat with her feet on the bar so she sits up on her barstool like a rabbit and eats off of her plate. She may be spoiled but she knows her manners.
Just before our Happy Hour at the Addison Maggie is pretty much done at the front desk and is ready for a rest. She goes back into our apartment and has a nap while we look after our Happy Hour guests. Maggie likes going to Bretts for our evening walk. She sits on a rocking chair with us and we watch the sun go down while sharing a bottle of wine. Maggie doesn’t get wine of course, she is way too young to be drinking. A short walk back to inn wraps up Maggie’s day.
Maggie Doone doesn’t have the run of the inn but on your next visit you can see her at the front desk. If you talk nicely to her she may even interrupt her nap and come out from under the printer to get her ears scratched.