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Lunch With Bob, update 7-Jul-12

July 8, 2012 by theAddison

I would like you to meet Scott and Natalia (left in photo) who are staying with us this week.  They are celebrating their 5th anniversary (married 07-07-07) at the Addison and are pictured here getting ready for their horse-drawn carriage tour of the Historic District. 

It is fun getting guests who are up-to-date on the local goings on because they follow us on the Facebook or read the Innkeeper’s Blog.  I get the statistics about our Facebook “likes” and our weekly reach into the world-wide interwebs and I know people are following along but it is always nice to hear it from an actual person. 

Scott and Natalia are such actual people.  He followed the whole “Lunch With Bob” auction that ended with a winning bid of $150 from Nancy and Lloyd of British Columbia.  Scott realized that he had missed the deadline for bidding and had no chance of winning the “Lunch With Bob” but donated $100 to the local charities that we were sponsoring with the auction anyway.  Scott and Natalia, the Nassau County Humane Society will be getting your $100 donation on Monday and I will mail you your receipt.  I thank you and the local homeless dogs thank you!

In Which Bob’s Mother Comes For A Visit

November 4, 2011 by theAddison

We have been running the Addison for almost 4 years.  We don’t get out much and haven’t been back to Canada since buying the inn.  We were sure that our relatives would be visiting us more often as we are in such a nice part of Florida but that has not been the case.  My mother (thats her on the left) and sister Judy came to see us this week, their first visit to see us and the first time I’ve seen either of them in over 5 years.

They picked a good time of year to visit.  The weather is cooler and the humidity has all but disappeared.  Judy has had a couple of opportunities for some beach time and is going horse-back riding on the beach this afternoon with Lee.  Mother has been hanging out at the inn and going for lots of walks through the Historic District with Maggie Doone and myself.

And, of course, we have been eating.  We had a fabulous dinner at Le Clos on Wednesday night and ate pizza and salad from Arte’s last night.  Shrimp salad sandwiches from the Happy Tomato and soft-shell crad sandwiches at Cafe Karibo.  And breakfast!  Nothing starts off a full day of eating like a full breakfast at the Addison.  Judy has been here for 4 days and says her pants are getting a little snug.  That happens in this town with so many great places to eat.

They are off to the airport tomorrow morning to head home.  The only immediate family on my side who has yet to visit is our son, Dan.  He and Matt are scheduled to arrive after Christmas for 10 days and this will be the first time we have all been together in maybe 6 or 7 years.  There is a lot of catching up to do and food to eat. 

Teachers From All Over!

July 13, 2011 by theAddison


An interesting coincidence came up with our guests this week.  We have four couples staying with us and all of the women are teachers.  They come from all over the southeast including Florida, South Carolina and Georgia with one of them came all the way from British Columbia.  The one on the left there, that is my sister whom I haven’t seen in 6 years.  She’s the one from BC. 

You know who I see more often than my sister?  The teacher on the right side of the photo, Linda with her husband Glenn, are here on their 4th visit with us. 

The photo is a bit foggy as the humidity is starting to kick in.  The days this time of year hit around 90 degrees with lots of sunshine.  The weather forecasts show 30% chance of thunderstorms every afternoon but don’t let that deter you from visiting.  If it does rain, it rains hard then stops after about 20 minutes.  Our guests this week are enjoying the beaches and are getting good use out our beach chairs, towels and umbrellas.

This time of year also brings manatees.  They migrate north to Amelia River this time of year mating and birthing.  A couple of our guests are heading out with Captain Carol on an EcoTour this morning after breakfast and they are sure to see some of the big beasts.  I must not be true Floridian because I still get excited when I see them. 

Another day is just starting.  The sun is coming up and it looks like nothing but blue skies.  A good day for the beach, an EcoTour or just reading on the front porch under the ceiling fan. 


Nobody from Florida?

May 19, 2011 by theAddison

A lot of our guests come from Florida.  Usually about 40% of the people staying at the Addison live somewhere in the Sunshine State.  Our second biggest draw state is our neighbor to the north, Georgia.  That is why is was so unusual this week that we had no guests from either Florida or Georgia staying with us.

Where did they come from?  We had guests from Maryland, Ohio, Alabama, Louisiana, Delaware and New York.  A young couple from Ontario, Canada were with us as well.  They are working with our friends from the B&B Team, Rick and Peter, to find an inn for themselves to purchase.  They’ve got their eye on a B&B in Arkansas.

The photo is of returning guests of ours from Holland.  They come every year to stay at the Addison as part of Ron’s birthday trip to the US.  Happy Birthday, Ron!  We even had guests with us this week from Germany.  The young doctor and his wife are touring the southeast and stayed with us before heading on to Orlando.

We have been getting some great guests lately and Happy Hours are usually 100% attendance.  That could have something to do with the beer and wine or the great weather we have been having but I think it is because our guests know how to enjoy themselves.   

Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival

May 15, 2011 by theAddison

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think “Chamber Music”?  I always think of Jack Nicholson in The Witches of Eastwick.  Early in the movie he attends the local chamber music concert and practically drowns out the musicians with his snoring.  It would be a different story if he had attended the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival.

This is the festival’s 10th year and they have a pretty impressive line up of talent coming to the island, a line up of artists that stretches the concept of traditional chamber music.  Their program of concerts this year includes chamber ensembles, tango and flamenco, American roots, jazz and contemporary music.  Many of the musicians are world-class including the Tokyo String Quartet, violinist Rachel Barton Pine and native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai. 

The Addison will be hosting Brazilian jazz vocalist Luciana Souza, guitarist Romero Lubambo and percussionist Cyro Baptista.  Together they will be performing the concert “Beer and G Strings, From Bach to Bossa Nova” on June 9th.  They will be staying with us at the Addison and playing at the La Tierra Prometida just a few blocks from the inn.  I’ve already got tickets for Shannon and myself and am looking forward to expanding my musical horizons. 

The Festival is offering a great discount to our out-of-town music lovers.  Stay at the Addison and receive a 50% discount on concert tickets!  You can check out the whole schedule at Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival and order tickets on-line or by calling 904-261-1779.  Give them your Addison confirmation number and they will give you your 50% discount. 

The Festival has so many great acts that they have had to expand the concert schedule to fit them all in.  The Festival runs from May 20th through to June 19th.  Check out the schedule, reserve a room at the Addison and get your 50% discount for the concert.  It is that easy.  Drum roll, please…..   


Maynard and Trudy Buy a House!

May 14, 2011 by theAddison

Maynard has been staying at the Addison fairly regularly for years, even before we bought the inn three and a half years ago.  When we first met Maynard he was working for the State and would show up every couple of months with his crew and spend a few days working in the local wetlands.  Maynard has now retired from the State and now lives a life of leisure.  Somewhere along the way he met Trudy and their last couple of visits to the Addison have been as husband and wife.

They just checked out after a weekend stay with us and are heading home.  While they were here on Amelia Island they bought a house!  It turns out that although Maynard and Trudy love the Addison they have also fallen in love with Amelia Island and want to live here.  I was surprised at the rapid transaction (viewed the house and offered on Thursday, offer accepted and house purchased by Saturday morning) but they had done their homework on the world-wide internets and were well prepared.

We often hear from repeat and past guests.  I received a note and a photo from Gary and Lee in Anchorage on the 11th of May.  They came all the way from Alaska to get married at the Addison.  I married them in our courtyard two years ago and they send a photo and a note every year on their anniversary.  Can you tell by the photo that they both work for the fire department?

These represent two great aspects of running an inn.  We get guests that keep coming back to us and become our friends and we love hearing from our guests that still think about their visit to the Addison and to Amelia Island.


Concours d’Elegance Weekend

March 14, 2011 by theAddison

What an absolutely fabulous weekend!  The weather was perfect with mid 70s and nothing but sunshine.  The 2011 Concours was a big hit drawing over 20,000 people to the island over the 3-day event. 
The Addison was packed with guests who have been staying with us for the car show for years.  It is a great group of people who don’t keep in touch throughout the year but are good friends when they come back to the Addison for the Concours.
One Ferrari went for $3.9 million at the auction.  Another Ferrari, in “barn condition” went for $600,000.  Barn condition is a car that was found in a barn, maybe with some rust paint, flat tires, rotted electrical system and hoses and a family of mice living in the seats. 
The car shown here is as close as I got to the Concours.  I was out walking Maggie Doone on Friday night and saw this car parked in front of Luigi’s Trattoria, just a couple of blocks from the inn.  Notice that when you drive a strikingly beautiful car you can park it anywhere you want, including at a yellow curb.
Another car worthy of the Concours was parked in our driveway for the weekend.  Mike was driving a new drop-top Bentley.  Most of the weekend the car was wrapped in the most luxurious car cover I have ever seen.  The car cover alone was worth the price of admission.
The Concours is over and Monday is winding down as well.  We have a decent sized crowd at the inn throughout the week and even have a couple of long-lost relatives staying with us.  Repeat guests Mick and Gwen checked in today for their annual vacation from Scotland.  Ted and Marlene came back for their 4th visit with us and brought friends from Alberta with them.
We like having guests return to us.  It is a great compliment, especially when they bring their friends.  We have another great group returning to us for Shrimp Festival in a few weeks.  It is always nice when a familiar face walks in through the front door and says “Hi Bob, we’re home!”

Full Moon in February

February 19, 2011 by theAddison


Friday evening. I am just back in from a walk with Maggie Doone and the town is hopping. Maybe something to do with the full moon. Dan Voll is playing to a good sized crowd at the Green Turtle and all of the bars up and down Center Street seem to be drawing a good crowd with lots of live music to be heard.

It is either the full moon or there are just a lot of people in town for the local events. The Book Festival is in full swing and the Addison is hosting keynote author Jamie Ford of “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” fame. Saturday starts off with the Farmer’s Market just a block from the Addison. The Market is followed by the Chili Competition which is on Third Street with Karl Davis playing to entertain the crowds as they sample chili from over 35 competitors. Follow that with Happy Hour at the Addison and a nice dinner out and you have a full day of fun.

It doesn’t hurt that the weather is gorgeous. We have been waiting for days like this all through January. 70 degrees and nothing but sunshine. That is why we live in Florida! Well, nothing but sunshine except at night when we have a full moon. Aroooo!

Amelia Island Corporate Retreat

January 30, 2011 by theAddison

We have a most wonderful group of guests staying at the Addison this weekend.  Sandy and Scott stayed with us last year as vacationers and really enjoyed the Addison and Amelia Island.  They liked it so much they brought all of their franchisees for a 2-day conference.  They are a relatively young company and may soon outgrow the Addison but, for now with our 14 guest rooms, we are just the right fit.

Friday evening social hour(s) on the Addison’s veranda

The group checked in on Friday and started off with a social hour(s) out on the veranda.  Then off to Espana for dinner.  Some of them enjoyed the Restaurant Week menu, others had straight-from-the-menu tapas and paella.

Saturday was all business.  Well, after breakfast anyway.  We served buttermilk pie with fresh raspberries followed by a breakfast panini sandwich served with pan-fried potatoes.  After breakfast we cleared the dining room and dimmed the lights for a morning of presentations.

Amelia Island Carriages loading up for a tour.

All work and no play isn’t the best way to run a life so the group broke in the afternoon for a horse-drawn carriage tour of the Historic District.  Everybody enjoyed the tour despite the cooler weather (60 degrees).  Then they were off to Joe’s 2nd Street Bistro for another group dinner.

This is our third corporate retreat at the Addison.  The inn is a nice venue for a small business meeting.  The dining room converts into a good meeting space for 10 to 15 delegates.  We are close enough to the Historic District that spouses can find lots to do (spa services, art galleries, antique stores, off-shore fishing…) while the meetings are going on.

Do you have a small company and are you looking for a fun team-building get-away for your team?  Try the Addison for a conference with a difference.  Beautifully decorated, comfortable rooms instead of cookie-cutter hotel rooms.  A delicious, served breakfast every morning instead of do-it-yourself waffles and microwaved eggs.  An inn located on the edge of a Historic District instead of next to a major airport.  Innkeepers that look after your every need instead of a staff that disappears at shift change.  If your company is small enough, we have just the spot for you!,     

Big Night Out With Bill and Linda

December 24, 2010 by theAddison

Shannon and I took the evening off last Tuesday and did a little barhopping in Fernandina.  Our first stop was the Green Turtle for a couple PBRs and two of Chef Nori’s now famous “$7 Bowls of Food”.  What do you get for $7?  You get what you get, usually rice, vegetables and meat like a satay chicken or Korean beef.  Trust me, its good food and its not on the menu..

Our next stop was Indigo Alley, right around the corner on Center Street, for their Tuesday Night Jazz Jam.  We walked in and hey, I know that guy on the drums!  Its Bill and he is staying at the Addison.  Bill and Linda are returning guests who came to ccelebrate their 25th anniversary with us.  Mike, the owner of Indigo Alley, was kind enough to set it up with the band so that Bill could play a few sets.  Bill knows what he is doing and back in the day he would tie up his ponytail and play with some pretty big names.  He has returned to playing just recently and only as a hobby now.  The music was great and the atmosphere was lively with a good sized crowd for this popular weekly event.  
Next stop on our big night out?  The Palace, the Dog Star Tavern or O’Kanes?  Nope, back to the Addison and to bed.  It gets late earlier than it used to.
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