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Another Great Group of Guests

September 27, 2009 by theAddison

We have had another really good group here at the Addison this last weekend. We had an almost full house and everybody really clicked. It is Sunday evening, Happy Hour has just finished and a couple of our couples are heading out for dinner together.

We had another couple of couples check out this morning who really hit it off and before they left they exchanged e-mails and addresses. I suspect we will see them back here as a group some day. One of the couples (we’ll call them Noel and Lucinda) were here celebrating their 10th
anniversary with a vow renewal. They came prepared for a nice intimate service in the courtyard that would confirm what they have lived the last ten years and reafirm that when they wed 10 years ago they knew what they were doing. But they did not bring a photographer to record the event.
Enter “Nick” and Donna”. They are repeat guests here at the Addison and it was nice to see them again. They stepped right in as photographers using Nick’s camera as well as Noel’s camera and video cam. The pictures you see here are courtesy of Nick’s family. The two couples spent a lot of time together over the weekend and it was nice to see new friendships develop.

We also have two guys here this weekend who are re-connecting with their loved ones after extended deployments overseas, one in Kuwait and one in Iraq. A couple of women are visiting us from the west coast; one from Oregon and one from California. We have couples celebrating anniversaries, celebrating birthdays with their spouses and couples just getting away for a few days to relax and unwind.

In the next few days we have personal guests showing up as well. I have a friend that I used to work with who is coming to wisit us with his wife on his way to south Florida. I haven’t seen Kirt in years, at least two “real jobs” ago. Lee has a friend from northern Ontario showing up soon as well. She will spend a few days with us and then head of on a tour of south Florida.

We feel lucky to have so many visitors from all over the world pass through our inn and spend a few days with us. We hear from so many of them after their visits with us have ended that it really feels like we have made new friends and not have just had guests stay with us.

More Weddings at the Addison

August 24, 2009 by theAddison

it is always good to hear how are guests are doing after they leave the Addison. We received a note from Gary and Lee yesterday. They live in Alaska and came all the way down to Florida last May to get married at the Addison. The Addison’s Elopement Package is definitely our most popular package for our guests. Lee tells me that they stopped in Washington State for their honeymoon on their way back to Alaska. They also sent a nice wedding poem attributed to Joseph Addison, a poet from the 1600s.

A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendship,
All the enjoyments of sense and reason,
And, indeed, all the sweets of life.
We had another couple get married last month and they were from equally far away as Alaska. Mark, the groom was originally from England and his daughters still live there. Some of the family came from as far away as California. It was a nice group who all stayed with us for several days and enjoyed the island. Their soon-to-be-born daughter will be named Amelia as Mark and Jenn met each other on Amelia Island. I guess it is a good thing they didn’t meet on Jeckyl Island.
Mark and Jenn’s wedding photos are courtesy of Tania at Clear Skies Photography

Ma Jong Comes For a Visit.

August 3, 2009 by theAddison

We recently had a fun group of women join us for days filled with shopping, touring and massages at the Ritz Spa. Their evenings were taken up with champagne and their favorite game,Mah Jong. We’ve had Scrabble players and card players before but never a group of such enthusistic Mah Jong players.

The fast paced clicking of the tiles brought back memories. When I was in Saudi Arabia we were invited to the Ras Tanura compound for Friday pot-luck lunches. After lunch the women would all retire to the other room for Mah Jong. They were a quiet group and all you could hear from them was the clicking of the tiles. Once in a while one of the women would come out and get more money to keep playing.

We had a couple stay with us who played Scrabble right from breakfast through to Happy Hour out on the verandah. They got quite animated and even dragged the big dictionary out of the Library to resolve disputes. Other guests take one of our many board games up to their porches and play. There’s nothing like a game of rummy in the afternoon, sitting on your deck outside your room, overlooking the courtyard with the fountain gurgling away.

Walking For A Cure To Cancer

July 27, 2009 by theAddison

We recently had the pleasure of having Jim Hickey stay with us. Jim is on his 4th attempt to walk across America while rainsing money for cancer research. Jim lost his father to cancer and has dedicated the last few years of his life to raising money for reseach. Jim doesn’t accept research donations and instead directs donors to several well-known organizations.

Jim has had to cut short his previous attempts due to lack of sponsorship and lack of any kind of support vehicle when crossing the desert. Those wide open hot spaces between cities can be daunting for a solo walker who is good for 20-30 miles per day. This time he has a nephew in Texas who is going to help him out with a support vehicle.

At least that’s what Jim says has stopped his last tries. I think he spends so much time promoting his cause that he just has a hard time getting from one town to another. He came to Fernandina Beach intending to stay one night but slept in (our beds are comfortable!) so couldn’t start off on schedule. Then he set up interviews with the local TV station and some sponsors so he ended up staying on the island for three nights.

Jim’s website is http://www.cancerwalkusa.com/. If any of you see Jim out on the road give him a honk and a wave for support and let us know you’ve seen him.

Ken’s Vespa

July 15, 2009 by theAddison

We get some interesting people come through our little town. I’ve posted previously about inbound and outbound sailors but we’ve never had a Vespa rider before.

Ken showed up today in Fernandina Beach with no plans but we found him a room for the night at the Addison. He is the only long-distance Vespa rider that I have ever met. His current trip is going to be over 3000 miles. Ken sticks to the side roads on his 150 CC bike, hits a high speed of 50 MPH (but cruises much slower) and sees a lot more of America than we do cruising the interstates at 80 MPH.

Ken’s current trip started in St Pete’s FL to Valdosta and McCormick GA, to West Jefferson NC and Haywood VA, on to Harper’s Ferry WV and Annopolis MD. Ken went through Washington DC then down to Jamestown VA and on to Raleigh NC. Last night he was in Beaufort SC and tonight he sat in Fernandina beach FL at our Happy Hour and did not seem road weary at all. Perhaps the secret to life is to slow down, take time to smell the horses and never ever miss a Happy Hour.