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Cafe Karibrew

February 6, 2009 by theAddison

Those of you who have stayed with us before may have eaten at Cafe Karibo. The cafe is a great spot for salads, light lunches and dinner with their garden patio just off of Center Street. They have just opened up a new section of the cafe in what was an empty builkding next door and they call it Cafe Karibrew.

I have never seen a brew pub quite like this. They have three 155 gallon kettles behind the bar. The twist is that they brew and serve the beer from the same kettle. The mash comes in 5 gallon buckets that they heat up with electric blankets. The mash then goes into the kettle, they add warm water and wait for 7 days. After the brewing, they pressurize the kettle for carbonation and just start pouring. The tap is connected to a hose on a float so they always pour off the top of the batch and stop pouring when they get to the lees on the bottom.

Another twist is that they only brew two beers, a pilsner and a dark bock, but they serve four. By blending the two beers in different ratios they also make a Red Ale and a Nut Brown.

We never recommend a place in town without trying it out first so I sat down and tried their beer yesterday. It is unfiltered so has a bit more taste to it than some beer but not real hoppy. Quite smooth. The blending trick is neat but I prefered the Pilsner served straight in an ice-cold glass. The brew pub is smoke-free and they serve the same menu as the original Cafe with some bar snacks thrown in for good measure.

The down side? Maggie Doone isn’t allowed in because they serve food.

So, Spring must be just around the corner with all of these businesses opening up. We had Two Guys a month ago, the Cafe Karibrew a couple of days ago, the Fernan-Deli is opening up on the 9th and a couple of empty stores downtown look like they are getting ready to re-open. Fernandina Beach is a happening little town. Come on down (or up) and see what happens next!
Now all I have to do is figure out where I can install a 155 gallon tank at the Addison. Maybe out on the verandah….

Two Guys, New Guys

January 23, 2009 by theAddison

We have had a surprisingly nice addition to the bar Scene in Fernandina Beach. Two Guys And A Sports Bar has recently opened up on 8th Street, just a couple of blocks from the inn. This is not your ordinary sports bar.

This is not a big bar, maybe 6 stools and 8 high-top tables, but they have a total of 15 TVs, all HD, ranging in size from 20″ sets in the bathrooms to the two big eight foot wide by 4 foot high projection TVs in the main room. They can play up to eight different games at a time and have a SoundDog remote speaker system so that you can listen to the game you want at your table.
We at the Addison appreciate it when people “do things right” and the two guys have obviously put some thought into their bar. Women are welcome and are made to feel welcome with little touches like purse hooks uder the bar and a wider, higher foot rail at the bar. And the place is clean.

Another nice touch is that this is a non-smoking bar inside. They do have a small smoking area outside. It is small but big enough for a couple of tables, a few chairs and a pool table. A couple of steel roll-up shutters expose two large screen TVs just for the outside viewers.

Besides beer and wine they have a small food menu with Italian subs, Reuben sandwiches, hot dogs steamed in beer and a Cuban sandwich. After 9 you can get hotdogs or grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Lee and Grant have eaten there and say the food is great.

We like the place so much that we have added a $20 gift card to the bar in with our Romance Your Man package. Every inn has a romance package, typically with stuff that women find romantic, you know, roses, chocolate covered strawberries, horse drawn carriage rides. We have one of those too. We call it the Romance Your Woman package for guys that want to make their girl feel special. For women that want to make their guys feel special we also have the Romance Your Man package that includes a 6-pack of cold beer in the room on arrival along with a big bag of chips, a $20 gift card to Two Guys and, for the next day, a picnic basket loaded with sandwiches and snacks, perfect for an afternoon at the beach. We’ve only had this Package posted for two weeks and have already had one taker. She knows how to treat her guy!

The economy is on peoples minds a lot these days but there are signs of promise all over Fernandina. Two Guys just opened, another vacant building will open soon as The Fernan-Deli and small construction projects are popping up all over. And even if the economy isn’t exactly booming there is always fish to catch and there was a line-up at the boat launch this morning with people wanting to take advantage of the warm weather.

Watering Holes

October 1, 2008 by theAddison

There several great bars within walking distance of the inn and many of the restaurants have nice bars in them too. Pablos Mexican Restarant on 2nd Street makes the best margaritas in town according to Lee, our assistant innkeeper. Bretts has a nice bar from which you can watch the sun set and O’Kane’s Irish pub has a full bar with a house band playing three nights a week. Carolyn’s on Center has a nice little bar on the ground floor with beer pong on Sundays in the garden patio out the back door. But restaurants are restaurants and bars are bars. This is my view of two great bars in Fernandina Beach. Both are fun places and they both welcome Maggie Doone so that’s where we go.

The Palace Saloon is the oldest running saloon in Florida, in operation since 1903, even through Prohibition. The Palace is a big rambling place. You walk past the pirate at the front door and enter the main bar. Uncle Charlie’s (their sports bar) is straight ahead through the door at the end of the bar and the Big Room is through the short little door on your left. The Big Room is where the bands play. The main attraction at the Palace isn’t bands in the Big Room or the football game on the TVs in Uncle Charlie’s. The main attraction is Artie The One-Man Party, daytime bartender Monday through Thursday. Artie dispenses drinks and hospitality daily and makes everyone feel welcome at the Palace. He’s even got a stash of treats behind the bar for Maggie. The Palace serves beer, wine and hard liquor but be warned; the Palace is a smoking bar and the cigar smoke can get pretty thick in there some days.

Just around the corner from the Palce, on Third between Center and Ash is the Green Turtle. It can be a little hard to find because their sign is small so just look for the Volkswagen van that was painted by Scramble Campbell. You can’t miss it. The bar features several of Scramble’s canvasses inside and more of his artwork can be found decorating the porch.

Inside the Green Turtle is cool and dark with a combination of beer posters and Grateful Dead memorabilia. They have a great selection of draft and bottled beer and a pretty lousy wine list. No liquor is served but the best part for me is that it is a non-smoking bar. People can light up on the porch but not inside. Anthony, the owner, has good connections in the music industry and gets some really good bands that play rock to regaae to bluegrass. The place is pretty small so the bands don’t have to be loud to be heard. Even old folks like me can enjoy it.

Maggie Doone used to be content to lay on the cool tile floor but lately has been more demanding and insists on sitting up at the bar with everybody else. She’s way too young to drink but that doesn’t bother her. With no opposable thumbs she can’t pick up a glass anyway.

So the next time you’re in town you know where to go for a cold one. There are several great places to get a drink in town, try a couple and let me know how it went.