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How to Spend Thanksgiving on Amelia Island

November 15, 2019 by theAddison

Do you love a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? At The Addison on Amelia, we sure do! But it’s a lot of work, right? Let Ron and me lighten your load this Thanksgiving as we prepare a feast for our guests—and we hope you’re one of them! We’re all about traditions, especially when they involve making holidays special for guests at The Addison on Amelia. Thanksgiving is no exception. Let us tell you all about how you can enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving on Amelia Island.

Everything You Need to Know About Spending Thanksgiving on Amelia Island

While other inns make reservations at a local restaurant for guests and attend dinner with them, we like to do things differently here. For years, it’s been a tradition at The Addison to serve Thanksgiving dinner right here at our inn, surrounded by old friends and new ones.

Our Traditions

Since buying the inn in 2017, we’re thrilled to carry the tradition forward. We thoroughly enjoyed our first Thanksgiving at The Addison last year as we met returning guests who stayed with the previous inn owners. In fact, we received many calls to see if we would be continuing this beloved tradition. Of course, we said yes! We look forward to welcoming returning guests and we eagerly await the arrival of new guests who will gather around our Thanksgiving table with us for the first time.

As children, we enjoyed Thanksgiving with our grandparents and cousins in Pennsylvania. Even though Nan’s mashed potatoes were lumpy, her recipe was the best! As we got older, my brothers and I would rotate hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our homes in Sarasota, Plant City, and Atlanta. After our grandmother relocated to Sarasota, I hosted my brothers and their families so Grammy could enjoy time with her great-grandchildren. And just like the old days, we’d gather around the table, share stories, and laugh, feeling oh-so-thankful for these special people in our lives.

The Thanksgiving Celebration

At The Addison, Ron and I want to create the same kind of “warm-fuzzies” for our guests on Thanksgiving. And it begins weeks before the big day arrives. I dig through my family recipes to recreate a few favorite dishes. And I anxiously wait for my issue of Bon Appetit to arrive to see what new creations I can whip up. I plan the inn’s special menu and share it with our wine expert to create the ideal pairings. We want everything to be just perfect for guests joining us for Thanksgiving!

Beyond preparing a sumptuous feast, we take care of all the little touches that make Thanksgiving a truly festive occasion at The Addison. From the autumn-themed tablecloth and napkins to the beautifully adorned Christmas tree in the foyer, the decorations set the stage for a warm gathering.

And one of the best parts (at least according to our relaxed guests) is that Ron and I handle all the cooking and cleaning ourselves. Our guests can linger over pumpkin pie and coffee while we deal with the “kitchen clean-up aftermath” of a wonderful Thanksgiving feast shared with friends.

You’re Invited to the Celebration!

If this sounds like a little slice of heaven to you, please consider joining us this year. Our Thanksgiving Package begins with a two-hour narrated boat cruise with Amelia River cruises on Thanksgiving morning. This means you’ll be cruising, having fun, and learning about the area while Ron and I are back at the inn preparing an amazing feast for your return. Our Thanksgiving dinner includes appetizers, salad, roast turkey, dressing, potatoes, vegetables, and, of course, several pies (my favorite part!), along with a wine pairing for the four-course meal. The fun continues on Black Friday, as everyone dons their Christmas PJs to go shopping in downtown historic Fernandina Beach! https://www.facebook.com/events/downtown-fernandina-beach-amelia-island/annual-downtown-fernandina-pajama-party/1010434879085010/

Ready to gather around our table this year? Join us at The Addison on Amelia and let our inn be your home this Thanksgiving.

Chair In The Air is back!

November 16, 2010 by theAddison

They’re back!  Deborah and Tammi, the design team from chair in the air designs inc. is back at the Addison.  It is rewarding, as an innkeeper, when guests become friends and keep coming back to visit.  It is even more rewarding when they are skilled at interior design and can do our Christmas decorating.

Shannon has studied interior design and has good decorating sense but Christmas decorating is hard for her because I have no creative input.  I’m good at doing what I’m told but not so good at taking a bin of decorations and turning them into something creative for above the fireplace so Shannon ends up doing the majority of the Christmas decorating.

The women of chair in the air have mad design skills and are, after two days of solid work, about midway through the decorating.  And it looks great.  My approach to decorating the tree:  Take the boxes of ornaments that I have been given and hang them in a grid pattern on the tree.  Their approach:  Select ornaments that pick up the colors of the existing decor, especially that big oushak carpet in the front parlor, and place them with great care to create an elegant vision of Christmas.

Why are we decorating for Christmas when it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet?  The Amelia Island Bed and Breakfast Holiday Cookie Tour is this Saturday, November 20th, and we must be prepared.  Last year we had 600 people come through our house for the Cookie tour.  The tour gives people a chance to check out the Christmas decorations at the inns and sample holiday cookies at each of the inns.  We even have the cookie recipes on cards that you can take with you.  After the tour we get to exhale briefly and then get ready for a full house over Thanksgiving.

Once we get all of the rooms decorated we’ll post a photo gallery for you.  All of the guest rooms will be decorated, most of them with the room’s very own tree.  Our guests that stay with us over Christmas even get a Christmas stocking loaded with gifts ($160 value) as part of our “Bed, Breakfast and Christmas Bliss” package. 

How did chair in the air design inc get their name?  Every time they do a major design job they leave a chair somewhere in the air (AKA: not on the floor).  It can be a full-sized chair, a child’s chair or even a panting of a chair.  When you stop by this winter see if you can find our “chair in the air”.

Another great weekend at Fernandina Beach

November 15, 2010 by theAddison

The time, she flies!  We have just had another fantastic weekend in Fernandina Beach.  The weather was warm during the day and cool in the evening, just perfect for all the events we had on this weekend.

We had guests in town that came to enjoy the Karl Davis Band at the Dog Start Tavern.  The guests came all the way from Gainesville but had seen Karl before when they lived in Jacksonville.  We had guests celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and we even had two members of the Army, both recently back from Iraq.  We do get such interesting guests and Happy Hour is always a good time, sharing stories over a glass of wine. 

Petanque:  French for “Stand around and watch balls get thrown”.

The only international event in town this weekend was the Third American Open Petanque (Pay-tonk)Tournament.  There were 114 teams playing this year from all over the world with a majority coming from the game’s home country, France.

The Open is a great event.  We have a game that nobody really understands, few can pronounce, the scoring is a complete mystery to the passer by and there appears to be a lot of standing around and drinking by foreign nationals.  This game reminds me of Curling!

It is Sunday night and I just got back from walking Maggie Doone.  It is quiet out there tonight.  The town has a bit of a rest until next weekend when we start all over with a great slate of events. 

Fort Clinch State Park has a Star Gazing Program next weekend and there is a Birding Walk set up along Egans Creek Greenway.  The Fernandina Beach Pirate’s Club is having their yearly Royal Ball on the 20th.  Let me know if you want tickets as all are welcome and the proceeds go to the Pirate’s charities.  Costumes (puffy sleeves, parrots, peg legs…..) are optional.

We have a busy week ahead of us with the B&B Association Holiday Cookie Tour this coming Saturday, the 20th.  We have barely scratched the surface of our decorating and must have everything ready for the tour on Saturday,  My To-Do list grows as I sleep.

Right after the Cookie Tour we get ready for Thanksgiving.  We only have a couple of vacant rooms and are looking forward to about 30 guests for dinner on Thursday. We have some friends coming down from our old neighborhood in Virginia (do you remember Scooter from previous blog posts?) to help us out with the dinner and are really looking forward to seeing them again.  After that we just roll into the Christmas season, New Years and Valentine’s Day. 

Like I said:  Time, she flies.  Grab it while you can or before you know it you’ll be saying “We should have…..”. 


Hallowe’en is Upon Us

October 29, 2010 by theAddison

My concept of the Fall season has changed since moving to Florida.  Before, the changing of the seasons meant a colorful canopy of leaves and crisp morning air with the onset of frost.  Not here, not in Florida.  The temperature is a nice 80 degrees out on the veranda for Happy Hour this afternoon.  It has been chilly for breakfast with 65 degrees this morning but still, most people are eating outside on the veranda.  The leaves are still green. 

The pumpkins are carved and are sitting on the front porch waiting for the children to come by tomorrow night.  We don’t get a lot of children coming by the inn, maybe 40 or so, but we do like to be ready for them.

That thing sitting on top of the big pumpkin is called a Turban Squash.  It looks like two squashes tried to grow up in the same physical space and, at first look, I thought it was something carved together from a couple of different gourds.  Not so, it actually grows this way.  Look it up.

I was pleased to see so many events coming up in the next few weeks.  November is usually a pretty busy time in town because of the beautiful weather.  Here is a brief rundown of the next few weeks after Hallowe’en:

Saturday, November 6.  City Barbecue Competition down in the marina.  The competition has been set up to ensure that there will be lots of barbecue available to the on-lookers.  Also on the 6th, the Veterans Day Parade that will pass right in front of the inn.

Fort Clinch will hold a Union Garrison on November 6th and 7th.  This program allows visitors to interact with living historians to experience life in the Fort as it was in 1864.  On November 13th, Fort Clinch brings us a salute to the Armed Forces.

Petanque America Open 2009

November 13th and 14th is the 2nd America Open Petanque Tournament that will be held in the new park at the marina.  Petanque is a French version of maybe horseshoes and bocci.  This year there are over 100 teams from all over the world coming to compete in Fernandina Beach.

The Amelia Island Bed And Breakfast Association Holiday Cookie Tour is on the 20th.  The Tour gives you a chance to check out the Holiday decorations at each of the inns and to sample their holiday cookies.  After the tour we have a few days to get ready for our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at the Addison (only two rooms left!).  

When all is said and done, we have a busy month ahead.  The beautiful Fall weather really draws people to our little seaside town and with all the events going on, there is always something to do when you are visiting us.   

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

October 18, 2010 by theAddison

I can’t believe that it is already the middle of October.  Where do the days go?

Center Street, Fine Arts Fair getting set up.

October started off with the Amelia Island Jazz Festival.  We had fun supporting it by hosting the headliner Steve March Torme and his musical director Steve Rawlins.  A lot of our guests went to see their concert and it was fun listening to their stories over breakfast.
The Jazz Festival coincided with the Amelia Island Fall Fine Arts Fair.  The artist’s booths along Center Street were even open late on Saturday night as part of the Artrageous Artwalk.  The Artwalk happens on the second Saturday of every month and our guests can tour galleries, meet the artists and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine as they tour the variety of galleries downtown.

Amelia Cruizers Car Show

This last Saturday was the Amelia Cruizers Car show.  This is one of my favorite events on the island.  I can walk to it and the cars are obviously labors of love.  The owners are out with their cars, constantly dusting and wiping and are quite willing to discuss mechanical and restoration details with passers by.  

We have a busy month coming up for the Addison.  Shannon is starting to plan the Christmas decorating so the inn can be all decorated for the Amelia Island Holiday Cookie tour on the Saturday, November 20th.  We have a couple of friends and past guests who are interior decorators and they are helping Shannon with the holiday decorations.  They will handle the creative side of things, I’ll be outside hanging our icicle lights.  Shannon is also working on her baking plan for the 800 or so cookies we are going to need for the tour.  

I have started the kitchen plan (picture post-it notes ALL OVER the kitchen cupboards) for our Thanksgiving Dinner.  Most of the Island’s restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving so we are putting together a day of feasting for our guests.  We have a couple of family groups coming and some repeat guests from last year who are bringing their friends.  We’ve even got friends of ours (who knew?) coming down from Virginia for the holiday.  Two rooms left!  Book now!

Speaking of busy, my day here is winding down.  We just had guests return from Pompeo’s Italian Restaurant downtown.  They brought Maggie Doone a meatball from Mario, the chef and owner of Pompeo’s.  The meatball is all sliced and ready for eating so I had best get it back to her.

The fall weather?  We have been running 60+ degrees on the verandah for breakfast in the mornings with a high around 80 every day.  The sun, she shines.  Perfect fall weather and just right for a few days on Amelia Island. .                 

Talk Like a Pirate Day Wrap Up

September 21, 2010 by theAddison

Arrr, another Talk Like A Pirate Day has come and gone.  It was quite a festive event here with the Fernandina Beach Pirate’s Club out in full force for the afternoon and children scurrying about town on the Pirate Scavenger Hunt.

Our own One-Eyed Louie looked quite dapper in his pirate hat.  If only we could keep an eye patch on him but it was hard enough keeping the hat on him as he is a great flapping beast.

Maggie Doone had her own pirate gear on and was quite set for the day with puffy-sleeved shirt and bandanna.  We were sitting at a bar, minding our own business, when a woman came up to us and announced that my dog was spoiled.  I asked “whatever gave you that idea?”  Apparently it had something to do with Maggie sitting on a bar stool and wearing clothes.  Hey, I could never afford to spoil my kids when they were little, why not spoil the dog?
The day was such a success that we just had to make another in the Maggie Doone series of videos.  This is the story of a small pirate dog in a small pirate town, hanging out with fellow pirates and saying Arrr-ooo!  Enjoy!  Maggie Doone Talks Like a Pirate
What is next for the town of Fernandina Beach?  The Amelia Island Jazz Festival runs October 1st through the 10th.  We have Steve March Torme, one of the headliners at the festival, staying at the Addison.  The Amelia Island Autumn Fine Arts Festival is back on October 9th and 10th.  My favorite car show is on October 16th when the Amelia Cruizers Car Club take over downtown with a great display of hot rods.  Before you know it we’ll have Florida-Georgia Football Classic Weekend, Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
The year, she flies, my friends.  Grab a piece of it while you can.  Our Fall Specials have discounts up to 25% from October 1st right through December 21st as we encourage our guests to “Fall In Love With the Addison”.  Pick a Festival, pick a room and give us a call.  We hope to see you again soon!      . 

Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009 by theAddison

Happy Thanksgiving!

Noman Rockwell is a great artist and he gave us this iconic portrait of an American family Thanksgiving. It is a great pictue and you can practically smell the turkey but I could never figure out how Grandma managed to hold that platter of turkey steady enough while he painted the picture. That is one big heavy bird. And the guy in the bottom right bothers me some. He looks like a neighbor that snuck into the house and doesn’t really belong there.

There are many things for us to be thankful for here at the Addison this year. We are having a great Thanksgiving weekend here with a nice sized crowd of guests that we’re having a lot of fun with. The sun, she shines, and the weather forecast for the weekend is good. We have had good guests this year. The business is up nicely from last year, our guests seem to like what we do and we get good reviews. Shannon, Lee and I all enjoy running the inn. Maggie Doone and One-Eyed Louie are healthy and happy. What more do we need to be thankful for?

Most of the local restaurants are closed today so Shannon has really gone over the top with our Happy Hour snacks. Shannon has made a gorgonzola-cranberry pie, pecan squares, meatballs with spicy cranberry glaze and garlic toast for our guests at Happy Hour. The kitchen smells good just like a kitchen should on Thanksgiving.

Everyone here at the Addison thanks you for coming to stay with us this year. We hope that you travel safely and have a good Thanksgiving with your families.

Decorated for Christmas

November 23, 2009 by theAddison

The inn is all decorated for Christmas. I know, it is way too early to be decorated for Christmas, it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. The Amelia Island B&B Association has a tour every year just before Thanksgiving. We invite everyone to tour the inns, sample cookies and collect cookie recipes from each of the inns. We like the inns to be fully decorated for the tour so that people can get some decorating ideas and start getting that Holiday feeling.

The Holiday Cookie Tour went well this year with a few hundred people in attendence. A portion of the proceeds went to our local library so the Friends of the Library helped us out a lot. They sold most of the tickets and provided people to help the tour at each of the inns. We couldn’t have managed the crowds without them.

Of course the big draw for the Cookie Tour is the cookies. Shannon spent the better part of the week preparing the Ginger Snaps that were a big hit with the crowd. We baked some the night before but really put the oven to work on tour day. She was still baking cookies as the tour went on so that everyone got nice, fresh cookies.

Shannon baked about 600 cookies. We have a few left and I have been dropping off bags of cookies around town, some at the Tourism Office downtown, some at the Green Turtle. Artie The One-Man Party, daytime bartender at the Palace, will be getting a bag today to share with the regulars. I’ll put the recipe up on the website for you so you can try them out at home, too.

The whole inn, including the guest rooms, is decorated. Any room big enough to have a Christmas tree has a Christmas tree. I don’t have the artistic flair that Shannon has for the decorating so I get to hang lights and snowflakes outside. The whole courtyard is rimmed with the icicle lights and it looks great at night.

With the decorating and Cookie Tour we have had a busy few weeks. We have two days this week where we only have a few guests with us so we can rest up before Thanksgiving weekend. We still have a couple of rooms available for Thanksgiving so if you’re looking for a weekend get-away now is the time. The weather is great, the whole town is lit up and there is lots going on.

If we don’t see you this weekend then have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy the turkey and the relatives that you don’t get to see enough of during the rest of the year.

Its Beginning To Feel a Lot Like Christmas

November 25, 2008 by theAddison

I know, it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet but we’re decorated for Christmas. We had the Holiday Cookie Tour last Saturday and Shannon wanted the decorations ready for the tour. We had over 200 people through the inn for a look at the decorations, a cookie and a the cookie recipe. By all accounts the tour was a success.

The town crews have been stringing lights in the trees along Center Street and yesterday they put up the City’s Christmas Tree down by the marina. Today there was a group of little kids dressed up as pilgrims and native Americans on the front steps of the Post Office. They were singing and drew quite the crowd of people.

The nutcrackers in the house spooked Maggie Doone at first but she is getting used to them. She is coming up 2-years old and this will be her first real Christmas. Last year we bought the inn on December 21st and spent Christmas painting the kitchen.

There’s always something going on in Fernandina Beach. December 5th and 6th is The Christmas on Center with tours of private homes and outdoor train sets. Dec 6th os the Parade of Paws, a chance for all the dogs to show off their holiday finery. The big kick-off for the Christmas season is the Christmas parade on December 13th followed by the Lighted Boat Parade in the evening. I’m really looking forward to the boat parade. There will be a great view from Brett’s and if we get there early enough we can grab a couple of their rocking chairs and share a bottle of wine as the boats go by.

So, one month to go and Christmas will be upon us. We’ll be doing a Christmas dinner for our guests and we’ll have to come up with something special for Boxing Day Happy Hour.

Dec 2, 3:45 PM: Breaking news, just announced from the Palace Saloon…..

The Palace Saloon is hosting a “12 Days of Christmas Movies” in their event room. All shows are free and will begin at 7 p.m. Popcorn, soda and a full bar will be available for purchase. Anyone under 21 must be accompanied by an adult. The remaining schedule includes: Dec. 2, Elf; Dec. 3 – Home Alone; Dec. 4 – The Muppet Christmas Carol; Dec. 8 – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation; Dec. 9 – White Christmas; Dec. 10 – Claymation Christmas Cartoons; Dec. 11 – It’s a Wonderful Life; Dec. 15 – Polar Express; Dec. 16 – The Santa Clause; Dec. 17 – How The Grinch Stole Christmas; and Dec. 18 – A Christmas Story.

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