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A Great Music Weekend on Amelia Island

March 26, 2011 by theAddison

Friday night and just back from a short bar-hopping spree in Fernandina Beach.  No, I didn’t take Maggie Doone as she isn’t a big fan of amplified music but I did take my other half, Shannon, for a musical tour of Friday night.
We started off at the Green Turtle where Dan Voll (white hat) is regularly featured on Friday nights.  Dan is a great entertainer and will show up with a few extras occasionally.  Tonight he had a full 4-piece band sound.  The woman on the left of the photo knew her way around a set of bongos and second guitar was featured in a few songs, too.  Who is the guy blowing the harmonica on the right of the photo?  That is Chef Nori.  Its a good thing nobody ordered food mid-set.

Next we were off to the Dog Star.  We were looking for Coop and Tam, a couple of guests who have been with us at the Addison for a week but they must have still been at dinner.  We arrived mid-band so didn’t get to hear any music but ran into a few people we hadn’t seen in a while.  We checked out the new artwork on the walls and moved on to Indigo Alley where Jenn was playing.  Jenn is a local talent with a beautiful voice, much like a younger Janis Joplin.  She has recently signed a recording deal and seems to be on the verge of greatness.  I just love listening to her sing.  Like most people on the island she has more than one job (singer/songwriter, kayak tour guide and surf shop salesperson) and hopefully her passion for singing will carry her forward.

After Indigo Alley it was back to the Addison.  Maggie Doone’s nose had to be straightened out after it got bent of shape for being left behind.

The rest of the weekend?  Saturday will be filled with the “Taste of The Blues” concert down at main beach.  There will be a full day of blues, cold beer and hot food.  The weather promises to be outstanding with a forecast of 80 degrees and nothing but sunshine.  If I get a chance I’ll take Maggie Doone down to check out the bands.  Photos to follow.

After a full day and a night of bar-hopping it is time for bed.  We have be up early to serve a full-house with Peach-Blueberry Tortes and Breakfast Quesadillias.  Via con queso!

Katie Ride For Life

March 5, 2011 by theAddison

Katie Caples was a young high school student from Jacksonville who became an organ and tissue donor after not surviving the trauma of an automobile accident in 1998.  The organizers of the Katie Ride For Life believe that through Katie’s legacy they can help the thousands of people awaiting organ and tissue transplants by bring awareness to their needs.

The ride is held on April 16th with courses of 18 miles, 36, 62 or 100 miles.  The courses go through the natural beauty of Amelia Island, the Talbot Islands and Fort George Island.  For the most part, it is pretty easy cycling with few hills.  The steepest parts are probably the bridges between islands.

Katie’s parents are friends of ours and fellow innkeepers on Amelia Island and we like to help out our friends when we can.  I would love to go on the ride myself but I run an inn and my time is not my own.  Each rider in the Katie Ride For Life is required to raise at least $100 for the cause.  Walkers are expected to raise at least $25.  Instead of riding the ride, here is what we are going to do.  For every registered rider in the Katie Ride that stays at the Addison for that weekend we will donate $100 to the cause.  Riders can use that to fulfill a part of their requirement.  Walkers?  Same deal but $25.  That is correct.  You can join the Katie Ride without worrying about meeting the minimum requirement if you stay at the Addison.  Of course, we do hope that you do some fund raising on your own but we do have your minimum covered if you stay at the Addison.

For those of you who can’t participate this year but still feel like contributing to this worthy cause please feel free to contact http://www.katierideforlife.org/ directly or phone 904-491-0811.

The furthest I ever rode my bike was 75 miles and I’ve done that twice.  I’ll bet I could do that 100 miles but not as fast as the guys in the spandex pants.  There are certain truths that we should all hold evident in this universe and one of them is: Bob does not wear spandex.  Even if it would speed my ride.  Trust me.

A Fistful of Festivals

February 11, 2011 by theAddison

The larger festivals on the island have finalized their schedules and it looks like a pretty good line-up this year.  Amelia Island loves their festivals and they are usually attended very well by residents and visitors alike.  Here’s the line-up:

February 18 and 19.  Amelia Island Book Festival.  The Addison will be hosting headline author Jamie Ford for the festival.  Jamie is the New York Times best selling author of “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet”.  www.AmeliaIslandBookFestival.com

February 24 through 27, Amelia Island Film Festival.  This is the biggest and most important Film Festival between Jacksonville and Savannah and we will be hosting an as-yet undisclosed festival VIP.  This is a fun festival with venues all over town.  www.AmeliaIslandFilmFestival.com.

April 28 through May 1, Amelia Island Shrimp Festival.  Sorry, we are sold out to a crew of regular Shrimp Fest attendees and have no rooms available.

May 20 through 22, Wild Amelia Nature Festival.  A festival that showcases our unique bio-region.  Full details can be found at www.WildAmelia.com

May 20 through June 7, Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival.  This is a popular event that is now spreading out beyond traditional chamber music.  If you stay at the Addison we can get you festival tickets at half price.  The Addison will be hosting Luciana Souza, Romero Lubambo and Cyro Baptista who will be performing the “Beer and G-Strings” Concert on June 9th.  Festival info can be found at www.AICMF.com

September 16 and 17, Amelia Island Blues Festival.  The first time for this festival.  Check out the list of performers at www.AmeliaIslandBluesFest.com

October 2 through 9, Amelia Island Jazz Festival.  Last year the Addison hosted headliner Steve Marche Torme.  This year?  Undecided as yet.

All of these festivals are in addition to the regular line-up of events such as next weekend’s Chili Cook-off, the big BBQ Cook-off in August, the Farmer’s Market and regularly scheduled events at Fort Clinch and the Museum of History.  Throw in live music performances on the weekends at local bars and restaurants and you will find that we have quite a lively little town where there is always something going on.

Happy New Year!

January 4, 2011 by theAddison

Happy New Year!  May 2011 be a good year for you.

I started off the New Year by marrying a couple of friends.  Gil, head honcho of our local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB), and Wendy, his former girlfriend now wife, asked me to marry them at sunrise on January 1st.  They rented a beach house with great views of the dune for a few days.  It was a lovely ceremony and the weather was perfect.  The morning was warm with enough cloud cover to make the sky interesting.  They had a handful of relatives and friends in attendance and finished off the day with a reception at the beach house.  I couldn’t stay after the ceremony of course.  I had a full house of guests ready for breakfast when I got back to the Addison

Wendy and Gil getting married

View of the dune from the deck.

That is me on the left there, blocking out the sun.  No Hawaiian shirt and I was wearing long pants.  And no, Gil and Wendy are not little people.  The camera angle just makes me look huge.  

So, that is how I started off the month.  What’s next?  Restaurant Week starts January 23rd.  The local restaurants are preparing special menus at special prices for the week.  The Olympic Triathlon is on February 7th and don’t forget Valentine’s Day on the 14th.  The Book Festival is on February 18th and 19th and is followed by the Third Amelia Island Film Festival starts on February 24th (watch for the Maggie Doone movie to win!).  The spring gardening season officially kicks off with the Amelia Island Garden Show on March 5th and 6th.  This is all in addition to the weekly Farmer’s Market and regularly scheduled events at Fort Clinch and at our local museum.

So much to do, so little time.  And just who is the man behind the scenes who is assisting in the development of these events and promoting them?  Well, that job is Gil’s and his team at the CVB.  So far, so good.  Maybe you can catch some of his handywork on your next visit.   

Big Night Out With Bill and Linda

December 24, 2010 by theAddison

Shannon and I took the evening off last Tuesday and did a little barhopping in Fernandina.  Our first stop was the Green Turtle for a couple PBRs and two of Chef Nori’s now famous “$7 Bowls of Food”.  What do you get for $7?  You get what you get, usually rice, vegetables and meat like a satay chicken or Korean beef.  Trust me, its good food and its not on the menu..

Our next stop was Indigo Alley, right around the corner on Center Street, for their Tuesday Night Jazz Jam.  We walked in and hey, I know that guy on the drums!  Its Bill and he is staying at the Addison.  Bill and Linda are returning guests who came to ccelebrate their 25th anniversary with us.  Mike, the owner of Indigo Alley, was kind enough to set it up with the band so that Bill could play a few sets.  Bill knows what he is doing and back in the day he would tie up his ponytail and play with some pretty big names.  He has returned to playing just recently and only as a hobby now.  The music was great and the atmosphere was lively with a good sized crowd for this popular weekly event.  
Next stop on our big night out?  The Palace, the Dog Star Tavern or O’Kanes?  Nope, back to the Addison and to bed.  It gets late earlier than it used to.

Thanksgiving Leftovers?

November 27, 2010 by theAddison

Wow, what a weekend!  We not only had a full house, which keeps us hopping, but we prepared Thanksgiving dinner for all of our guests.  We had the full slate of dishes including sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, turkey with sage-sausage dressing, ham, mac and 5 cheese casserole, green beans, Waldorf salad and a garden salad.  Thanks to Pam and Scooter who came all the way from our old neighborhood in Virginia to help out.  We couldn’t have done it without them.

Despite the fact that we had 30 people for dinner we still have some leftovers.  Last night I put together a couple of Turkey Tetrazinis, my favorite way to use up leftover turkey.  Tetrazini is easy to make and you can use up turkey bits, scrapings, white meat and dark.

How easy?  Here we go in under 100 words:

Cut up enough turkey to cover the bottom of your casserole dish, maybe an inch deep.  Add a can of mushroom soup and grated cheese (I used white cheddar).  Use as much cheese as you want.  Add a little milk and stir it all up.  Boil spaghetti and add it to the dish, stir it up.  Top with more grated cheese (Romano this time) and Parmesan.  Bake at 350 until hot and brown on the top.  Eat and enjoy!

And I still have 20 words left.

So now that Thanksgiving is over what do we do next?  Here are some of the events scheduled for the next week:

  • Holiday Home Tour.  Tour of 4 private historic homes that are decorated for the holidays.  December 3rd and 4th
  • Union Holiday Encampment at Fort Clinch.  December 4th.
  • Parade of Paws.  A parade of local pooches dressed up in their holiday finery.  December 4th
  • Artrageous Artwalk.  A chance to buy that last minute gift from one of our local artists.  December 11th
  • Land and Sea Parades.  The Land Parade will roll by right in front of the Addison.  The Sea Parade is an after-dark parade of lighted boats in the harbor.  December 11th

That should keep us busy for a couple of weeks.  Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the leftover ham.  Any ideas?

Maggie Doone Goes For A Cruise

November 23, 2010 by theAddison

Maggie Doone went on a cruise with Amelia River Cruises last week.  She had a great time and even got to bark at the horses on Cumberland Island.  Here’s a picture of Maggie sporting her life jacket. 

Maggie Doone Goes on a Cruise is her 5th video.  Her first one, Maggie Doone Goes for A Walk was featured at an Amelia Island Film Festival screening.  You can check them all out on our website or on YouTube by searching Maggie Doone.  Here’s a link.

Meanwhile, Maggie is resting up for her next big adventure.  There is a new skydiving service out at the airport…. 

Almost Everyone Loves a Parade

November 7, 2010 by theAddison

The town of Fernandina Beach loves a parade.  We like parades so much we had two of them this weekend.  The first was on Friday and was the High School Homecoming Parade.  They had floats, two marching bands, the graduating class and a boatfull of young women vying for the Homecoming Queen title.  The weather was perfect for the homecoming football game with a crisp fall evening and clear skies.
The second parade was on Saturday afternoon and it honored our Veterans.  There was a good-sized turnout for the parade with an appreciative crowd lining the streets.

There was live music at several venues downtown over the weekend and a band played all afternoon Saturday at the Barbecue Competition that was held in the marina.  A busy weekend in Fernandina with something for everyone.

Next weekend (the 13th and 14th) has a lot going on as well.  The Petanque tournament runs all weekend and Fort Clinch is staging a History of the American Soldier in honor of Veteran’s Day.  On Saturday we also have the regularly scheduled Farmer’s Market and the Artrageous Artwalk.

I said earlier that almost everyone loves a parade.  Maggie Doone and One-Eyed Louie are not fans.  The first whoop of the fire engine’s siren has the two of them cowering under the bed where they stay until the last boom of the Pirate’s cannon has well died out.   

Hallowe’en is Upon Us

October 29, 2010 by theAddison

My concept of the Fall season has changed since moving to Florida.  Before, the changing of the seasons meant a colorful canopy of leaves and crisp morning air with the onset of frost.  Not here, not in Florida.  The temperature is a nice 80 degrees out on the veranda for Happy Hour this afternoon.  It has been chilly for breakfast with 65 degrees this morning but still, most people are eating outside on the veranda.  The leaves are still green. 

The pumpkins are carved and are sitting on the front porch waiting for the children to come by tomorrow night.  We don’t get a lot of children coming by the inn, maybe 40 or so, but we do like to be ready for them.

That thing sitting on top of the big pumpkin is called a Turban Squash.  It looks like two squashes tried to grow up in the same physical space and, at first look, I thought it was something carved together from a couple of different gourds.  Not so, it actually grows this way.  Look it up.

I was pleased to see so many events coming up in the next few weeks.  November is usually a pretty busy time in town because of the beautiful weather.  Here is a brief rundown of the next few weeks after Hallowe’en:

Saturday, November 6.  City Barbecue Competition down in the marina.  The competition has been set up to ensure that there will be lots of barbecue available to the on-lookers.  Also on the 6th, the Veterans Day Parade that will pass right in front of the inn.

Fort Clinch will hold a Union Garrison on November 6th and 7th.  This program allows visitors to interact with living historians to experience life in the Fort as it was in 1864.  On November 13th, Fort Clinch brings us a salute to the Armed Forces.

Petanque America Open 2009

November 13th and 14th is the 2nd America Open Petanque Tournament that will be held in the new park at the marina.  Petanque is a French version of maybe horseshoes and bocci.  This year there are over 100 teams from all over the world coming to compete in Fernandina Beach.

The Amelia Island Bed And Breakfast Association Holiday Cookie Tour is on the 20th.  The Tour gives you a chance to check out the Holiday decorations at each of the inns and to sample their holiday cookies.  After the tour we have a few days to get ready for our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at the Addison (only two rooms left!).  

When all is said and done, we have a busy month ahead.  The beautiful Fall weather really draws people to our little seaside town and with all the events going on, there is always something to do when you are visiting us.   

Boomer The Big White Horse

October 24, 2010 by theAddison

It is a creepy feeling.  I’m being watched.  I’ll be working at the front desk and the hair on the back of my neck will stand up.  I look up and there is Boomer, out on the street staring through the window at me, ears cocked, looking for a treat.

Boomer is the biggest horse in Northeast Florida.  He is a Percheron draft horse who used to work in the logging industry but now pulls a carriage around the Historic District of Fernandina Beach.

This isn’t the most flattering photo of Boomer but you get the idea: he loves his carrots.  Boomer stops in front of the Addison while his driver talks about the neighboring homes.  When it is time for him to “walk on” Boomer will get real stubborn if we haven’t given him a carrot.  I’ve seen him stand still and stomp his feet and I’ve seen him walk backwards in defiance of the “walk on” command if we haven’t run out with a carrot for him.  Boomer loves stopping at the back door of Pompeo’s Restaurant too because Mario will run out with heads of lettuce for him.

The horses in this town are all treated like big pets.  Big working pets.  Despite the fact that Boomer mooches treats all over town I do believe they feed him well.  The horses get regular days off and they don’t work in the rain or in the heat of the afternoon in the summer. 

For $60 we can get Boomer to pull you around the Historic District for a private 45 minute tour.  He will even drop you off at a local restaurant for your dinner reservation.  Just give us a call and we’ll set everything up for you.  It is a great, romantic little extra that makes your stay at the Addison even more memorable.  We’ll even give you some carrots for Boomer.