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Going Sailing on a Bonus Day!

January 7, 2012 by theAddison

Whenever we get days with weather like this I call them Bonus Days.  It is the first week of January and the sun is shining and the temperatures are in the 70s.  Days like these are why people move to Florida.

We took full advantage of a Bonus Day yesterday and went sailing.  Our two sons, Matt and Dan, are visiting the Addison for the first time and we thought a sailing trip might be a good way to see some of the waters around the island.  We booked a half-day sail with Captain Tony of Windward Sailing and away we went.

We sailed out the Saint Mary’s River, past Fort Clinch and out into the Atlantic where the wind picked up and we headed south along the Amelia Island.  We weren’t far enough off shore to see the Right Whales that are here this time of year but we did see lots of dolphins.  On the way back to the marina we sailed along close to the Cumberland Island shore looking for wild horses.  We had a great day and Lee even got to steer the boat!


Days Like These…

December 7, 2011 by theAddison

Days like these remind us why we moved to Florida.  Sunshine every day, highs in the mid to high seventies, lows overnight in the mid forties.  Low humidity.  Cool enough to sleep with the windows open but warm enough that we still run the AC in the afternoon.  Still nice enough weather that I can paint outside in the afternoon.

Shannon took Maggie Doone to the beach yesterday.  Shannon loves walking the beach when the weather is like this and Maggie just loves going to the beach at any chance.  She is a complete idiot (Maggie Doone) at the beach with running in circles, throwing stuff around and digging holes.

I walked Maggie down to the marina last night and back up through Center Street.  The town was quiet and the moon was hanging low at the end of Center.  The moon looked like it will be full in a couple of days.  There was a light breeze blowing, with a bit of beach smell in the air and I thought to myself “Days like these are why people move to Florida”.

PS:  There will be a full moon this weekend, just in time for the Lighted Christmas Parade.  The Parade goes right in front of the Addison so we’ll move Happy Hour out onto the front porch to watch.

October Shovelling

October 30, 2011 by theAddison

Much of the northeast has been hit by an unusually early winter storm resulting in snow up to a foot deep in places.  While I sympathize with those of you who have to shovel out your driveways this early in the year I would like you to know that I have had my own shovelling to do as well.

Our herb garden was kind of scattered all over the courtyard until I consolidated it in one sunny spot yesterday.  I stacked up some bricks, laid out a couple of timbers and potted / repotted our herbs. 

The basil we use in the bruschetta for Happy Hour.  I use the oregano and the basil in sauces that I make for our dinner.  Shannon even used basil leaves as the form for chocolate leaves with which she garnished the strawberry shortcake we served at breakfast the other day.  The rosemary we use for meat dishes and the parsley and chives are used for garnishing the savory dishes at breakfast.  We still have the bird bath full of mint in the courtyard.  The mint certainly does like that spot, there must be just the right amount of sunshine.

A minor bit of shovelling I admit, compared to digging out a driveway from a snow storm, but it was a nice way to spend an hour or so on a sunny afternoon.

Large Rodent Predicts Early Spring

February 2, 2011 by theAddison

Put away your snow shovels folks because winter is almost over!  A large rodent, Punxsutawney Phil, has made his annual prediction and this year it is for an early Spring.  It is amazing how a groundhog, with no formal meteorological training, can make these accurate predictions year after year.

Great quote from the movie:

Phil (in the diner): Do you ever have déjà vu, Mrs. Lancaster?

Mrs. Lancaster: I don’t think so, but I could check with the kitchen

The big horses in Fernandina Beach have accurately predicted this winter’s weather as well.  Boomer put on his heavy coat early in anticipation of the December “cold” that we don’t normally get until January.  And he has been shedding for the past week, obviously expecting this early Spring.

For Groundhog’s Day we had some rain overnight with thunder around 6AM but by breakfast it had cleared up and we all had breakfast out on the veranda overlooking the courtyard.   It is time to start our annual garden plan….

Warmer Weather is Back!

December 18, 2010 by theAddison

Touch wood, we had our winter last week.  We had a few cooler days and a couple of cold nights.  I even dug out a pair of long pants out of my closet to get me through the “cold snap”.  It is all good now though and I saw some definite signs of Spring as I was walking Maggie Doone this morning.

I took this picture this morning out behind 29 South, one of our great local restaurants.  Scotty, the chef, partners with local organic farms in order to serve fresh food that is actually good for you.  Last year he took it one step further and replaced the staff parking lot with his own veggie garden.  I’m not sure what most of these green leafy plants are but last year he grew radishes, carrots and several different types of lettuce.  Talk about a fresh salad!

Speaking of warmer weather…   Last call for Christmas Gift Certificates!  What better way to say “Take me with you!” to a loved one than to buy them an Addison Gift Certificate for Christmas.  Trust me, this is a way better gift for your wife than an electric saber saw, especially if she doesn’t do woodworking.  Addison Gift Certificate = better gift.  Give me a call at 904-277-1604 and I’ll make you look like a hero.


Its Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

December 12, 2010 by theAddison

We just got a call from a young woman (we’ll call her Julie) in Wisconsin who was looking to reserve a room with us over the Christmas holidays.   Fernandina Beach has a three-night cold snap forecasted with temperatures as low as 28 degrees!  Julie told me this afternoon that they are having winds of 40 MPH, minus 29 degrees and 16 inches of fresh snow.  And I was complaining about having to cover up our ferns tonight to protect them from the frost.

Fernandina Beach PIrates Club

The guests at the Addison last night had a great treat.  We had Happy Hour in the living room last night with a nice baked brie for the snack.  After Happy Hour we went out onto the front porch and watched the lighted Christmas Parade go by right in front of the inn.  Usually the Fernandina Beach Pirates Club brings up the tail end of the local parades but in this parade it is always Santa at the end of the parade.  The attached video shows just the tail end of the parade.  Somehow I missed the first half.  Maybe I was busy topping up wine glasses.   The Addison’s guests loved the parade!   

“You Know Who” finishing off the parade

It is less than two weeks until Christmas!  It is a good thing we have a gift shop right here in the Addison (coffee mugs, robes, Christmas ornaments….) as it does save me having to drive to a store for most of my shopping.  I just have to find something nice for Shannon.  Something not from Lowes.  For some reason, to most women, a power tool does not speak “Merry Christmas”. 

What Happened to February?

February 27, 2010 by theAddison

February is almost gone already! We have been busy at the Addison and the month just flew by, especially fast even for such a short month.

This last week we saw the kick-off of the Amelia Island Film Festival and we had a Meet And Greet at the Addison. We had film directors, festival execs and VIPs mixing in with our guests for a glass of wine and some of Shannon’s appetizers. The event was well attended and our guests enjoyed the opportunity to hear all about the festival.

The highlight for me this week was the private art showing we had during happy hour on Friday. Terry and Ann stayed with us for a week as they attended a painting workshop in town. They spent their days out at Fort Clinch practicing their craft and produced some really nice paintings. On Friday they brought their paintings in for a little show at happy hour. We really do get such interesting people through the Addison.

With February almost gone we are hoping for some warmer weather. We realize that winter still has a pretty firm grip on the rest of the country and that people are socked in under feet of snow but this is Florida! What is up with the 60 degree weather? The average daily high in March is 72 degrees so I’m expecting a big improvement in the next day or so. After all, February is almost over and March starts on Monday.

Hot Chili, Warm Weather and Cool Music

February 22, 2010 by theAddison

We just had the best weekend that we have had in weeks. The 4th Chili Cook Off took place on Saturday. There was live music all over the downtown and, even though the rest of the country doesn’t want to hear this, the weather was perfect! Seventy degrees and sunshine all weekend long.

The Addison started Saturday with an almost-full-house crowd for breakfast of glazed lemon poppy seed muffins, baked grapefruit and orange pancakes served with Shannon’s orange syrup and some cracking snorkers. After breakfast our guests had time to cruise the Farmer’s Market, just a block away, before heading down to 3rd Street for the 4th Chili Cook Off.

There were about twenty teams in this year’s Cook Off including teams from local restaurants, the firemen, police, service groups and even the local trash hauling company. The real star of the Cook Off though was the weather. There was nothing but blue skies and seventy degree weather all weekend.

The Carl Davis Band was playing at the Green Turtle and provided entertainment for the entire street. Another local band, Face For Radio, played all Sunday afternoon and the warm-weather crowds were having a great time.
This is the third Chili Cook Off that I have stood on the sidelines and watched but no more! Next year I am entering to win that Bowl o’ Chili First Prize. Of course, cooking 5 gallons of chili and manning a booth is too much fun for just one man. Maybe I can coerce some of next year’s guests into helping out at the booth. In exchange? All of the chili you can eat and a share of the glory!

February Storms

February 11, 2010 by theAddison

Scooter, a friend from Northern Virginia was good enough to send me some photos of our old neighborhood after their last big dump of snow. This photo is of the street in front of the house we used to live in. To give you a sense of scale, that lamp post on the left is 6 feet tall.

We have had a few guests cancel because their airports were closed due to the storm. We’ve even had a few guests consider staying here a few more days because of winter storms back home.

I just wanted to let all of you who have had to shovel your driveways and stock up on toilet paper, milk and bread that we in Florida are suffering through winter as well. This last weekend several of our guests elected to eat inside the dining room instead of on the veranda leaving the people in this photo to suffer through the winter weather as best they could.

Come on down for a visit when your airports re-open! Your snow will melt all on its own as you walk our beaches looking for shark’s teeth. You may have to wear a sweater to brave our winter weather but you won’t have to shovel anything.

Two days later:

Received this photo from Highway Bob up in Virginia. He says this described his state of mind when he realized he had to shovel out of the second blizzard. He said the snow was pretty. Pretty heavy, that is.
Also received this photo of Dave’s deck. Dave lives in Leesburg VA. That deck will hold up the snow. I konow because Dave and I built it.

Business Is Slow But We Are Busy!

January 19, 2010 by theAddison

As I said last week, January is a slow month here in Fernandina Beach. Maybe something to do with the weather (72 and sunny today)? So what do we do when business is slow? We get busy!

This week we’ve got a couple of Repeat Offenders with us for a few days. They are both interior designers with “chair in the air designs, inc.” (404-851-0000) out of Atlanta. Shannon loves interior design, as any past guests will recognize, and really hit it off with Deborah and Tammi. This afternoon they are tearing apart the living room and taking a second look at what we originally put together when we bought the inn. Over the next couple of days they will be going through the inn, room by room, looking at redecorating ideas for updating the decor and the colors. I sense that my To Do List will be enormous over the next few months. It is a good thing that I like painting. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing when given the time.

What else are we doing? Odie is power washing all of the lower level decks today and once they dry off we will put down a wood preserver. Starting next week we will be washing all of the exterior windows. When you own a 134year-old house there is always something to do and if you don’t keep on top of the maintenance it will get away from you.

My favorite thing to do, of course, when business is slow is to exhale and relax. Maggie Doone and I went down to the Green Turtle this afternoon and had a cold beer while sitting on the front porch. The water view is minimal from the porch (you really have to look closely between the trees to see the water) but it is a nice spot in which to sit in the sun and contemplate the enormity of my To Do List.

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