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Find Your Closest Amelia Island Airport and Plan an Unforgettable Retreat!

Amelia Island is a picturesque location in northern Florida, just south of Georgia and north of Jacksonville. It has become a popular tourist destination for those looking for breathtaking scenery, delicious restaurants, and charming shopping boutiques. These attractions are unique, but finding your way to Amelia Island is the first thing to do! In this blog, we’ll cover all of the local airports and how to get from the airport to Amelia Island! Getting your travel planned is just the start! Download our Vacation Guide and get access to all of the top activities on Amelia Island! Inside, you’ll find the top recommended places to stop and enjoy an Amelia Island adventure. Now, let’s get you to the island! 

Amelia Island Airport 
What airports serve Amelia Island?

Jacksonville International Airport

This airport is a short 30-minute drive, and many airlines can fly directly here! Jacksonville International Airport offers visitors several ground transportation options to make your travel easy! Whether you’re looking to rent a car, rent a limousine, or simply take a taxi to Amelia Island. This airport is great for those looking for a larger international airport that serves a wide range of airlines. Overall, this is the largest airport in the area and has the most travel options.

Jacksonville, Florida

Fernandina Municipal Airport 

Another great option is Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport. This airport is smaller and offers is minutes away from Amelia Island! This airport is perfect for those wanting to spend as little time in the car as possible. This airport is known for serving passengers on private and small aircraft, so the experience is stress-free. After landing here, travelers can use a rideshare service or taxi service for a short 5-minute drive from the airport. Use this airport if you’re looking to escape crowds and feel more relaxed. 

Daytona Beach International Airport 

Dayton Beach International Airport is located south of Amelia Island but is a great way to travel the Florida coast and arrive on Amelia Island as your final destination! This airport is convenient and offers travelers several transportation options to Amelia Island. The airport is about two hours south of the island, so be sure to plan ground transportation accordingly. We recommend using a rental car service when coming from this airport. This is the airport for you if you’re looking for an adventure through northern Florida before arriving in Amelia Island. 

After Finding the Perfect Airport for Your Amelia Island Vacation, Stay With the Addison on Amelia Island!

No matter which airport you choose, stay with us! Our inn is tucked away in the middle of Amelia Island. It offers charming accommodations, proximity to local attractions, and Concierge Service to make your vacation a relaxing and memorable experience. Add on a package and experience a more customized retreat. A truly special getaway awaits you when you visit Amelia Island. We can’t wait to welcome you to Amelia Island! 

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