The Addison on Amelia Island is committed to providing a luxurious, warm, and welcoming retreat for our guests while maintaining a positive balance with the local and global environment to meet the growing public demand for an “environmentally friendly” lifestyle. While the Addison strives to deliver exceptional comfort to each guest, it continues to incorporate newer products and ecologically-minded “green lodging” practices to ensure the health and safety of our guests at our environmentally friendly bed and breakfast and that the natural beauty of northeast Florida is preserved for future generations to visit and enjoy.

The Addison on Amelia Island is committed to recycling efforts and recycle bins are located in each guest room and in the dining room for glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, and cardboard items. Bedding and towels taken out of inventory are donated to the Purple Dove Resale Center either for sale or use in their domestic violence shelter. We are currently exploring options to reduce our use of plastic water bottles as our effort to maintain our coastal environment and marine life.

Here at the Addison we encourage our guests to indulge in the amenities offered at the inn “guilt-free” as a means to renew and restore their own personal energy which is often depleted from the demands of everyday life. We hope that our Amelia Island lodging leaves you feeling fresh and renewed!


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