Amelia Island Kayaking: How to Enjoy the Island via the Water!

Amelia Island offers the perfect balance between enjoying adventures on land and water! One of the best ways to experience the island is via a kayak. Kayaking provides a glimpse into the natural world that makes up Amelia Island and the Northeastern Florida coast. Pass through winding salt marshes, rivers, and creeks. Get an up-close and personal view of what makes our island so unique. Kayaking is just the start of activities to enjoy on Amelia Island. Be sure to get your hand on a copy of our Vacation Guide! Inside, you’ll find all of the top activities to enjoy! The guide has everything you need, from water adventures to where to enjoy a meal after a day of exploring. Now, let’s get the experience started! 

Amelia Island Kayak 

Kayak Rentals

First things first, we need to find kayaks! No fear; kayaks are easy to find on the island. We’ve put together a list of the top rental companies in Amelia Island! Each of these companies offers different experiences for guests. Whether looking for a guided tour with the family or simply enjoying the peace and quiet of immersing yourself in nature, these highly-ranked companies are the best go-to place in Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach!

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Amelia Island Kayak Excursions 

Riptide Amelia Island 

Amelia Adventures  

Where should I kayak? 

After securing your kayak and getting your gear together, it’s time to find the best places to get out on the water! Amelia Island has some fantastic places to take in both natural beauty and history. These spots around the area are perfect for any kayaking skill level and make for the ideal adventure for families. 

Lofton Creek 

Located 11 miles inland in Yulee, Lofton Creek offers kayakers an experience like no other! This Creek is a black water creek, which means decaying plants release tannic acid. This makes the water black. The scenery here is truly breathtaking! This beautiful place is created by lush greenery, black water, and beautiful Florida sunshine. Best of all, the water is always calm here due to the protection from the vegetation surrounding the Creek. 

Egan’s Creek

Egan’s Creek is an estuary of the Amelia River and offers incredible wildlife viewing and natural beauty. This tidal marsh is ideal for seeing native birds, seagrass, marine life, and more! Tidal creeks are where fresh and saltwater meet, so the environment is like no other! The waters here are a little more challenging as the tides come in and out, so be aware before making plans! In addition to natural beauty, 

 you’ll pass by Fort Clinch State Park and the Amelia Island Lighthouse along the way! These landmarks date back to the 18th century and make the adventure more scenic! 

Cumberland Island 

Cumberland Island is one of the most well-known attractions in the area. Cumberland Island is located across the border in Georgia and offers untouched beach wilderness. Here, you’ll see white sandy beaches, wild horses, and a glimpse into what our coastal areas used to look like! This kayak adventure is based in the sea, so be sure to have the proper kayak with a spray skirt, splash deck, or sea kayak with at least two bulkheads. 

After having an Amelia Island kayaking adventure, stay with the Addison on Amelia Island!

Amelia Island kayaking is breathtaking, but you can’t stay spend the night out on the water! The Addison on Amelia Island sits at the crossroads of historic charm and modern luxury. Our accommodations are the ideal sanctuary after a day on the water! Featuring king-sized beds, hardwood floors, beautiful decor, and even porches to enjoy your morning coffee, 

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