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Learn More About the Audubon International Green Lodging Program

We are proud to announce that as of April 22, 2022, the Addison on Amelia Island is the recipient of a Silver Certification from the Audubon International Green Lodging Program. The certification is an exciting step forward in sustainability at the Addison, but it also comes with plenty of questions from our guests! Read on to get answers to your FAQs about the Audubon International Green Lodging Program! 

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What is the Audubon International Green Lodging Program?

Audubon International is a non-profit organization that creates a global effort for environmental sustainability practices. Having worked across 34 countries, Audubon International has a proven commitment to their mission statement “to create environmentally sustainable environments where people live, work, and play.” In addition to their work around the world, they provide certifications to just about any kind of organization you could imagine; museums, universities, parks, cemeteries, golf courses, clubs, lounges, and lodging facilities, the list goes on. Their Green Lodging Program specializes in any kind of lodging facility, and conducts on-site evaluations reviewing the sustainable practices of any applicant! 

How do you earn a certification?

The certifications from the Audubon International Green Lodging Program are based on a facility’s efforts to improve and maintain water quality, water conservation, waste minimization, resource conservation, and energy efficiency. The available certification levels are bronze, silver, and gold, which are earned based on a series of criteria that Audubon International sets. 

What sets the Addison on Amelia Island apart from the rest?

The Addison on Amelia Island earned a Silver Certification through the Audubon International Green Lodging Program based on environmentally sustainable practices that we have been doing for several years! The Amelia Island Convention and Visitors Bureau partnered with Audubon International for the green lodging program and encouraged all lodging partners to participate and the Addison is the only bed & breakfast on Amelia Island to complete the application and on-site evaluation! In addition to their initial scoring, Audubon International will send an outline of ways in which we can improve and earn the Gold Certification, which we plan to do, and we have even begun implementing new sustainability practices in the meantime! 

Plan an Environmentally Conscious Stay at the Addison on Amelia Island!

Strong and consistent environmentally sustainable practices are important to us, but so is providing the best service and accommodation that you can find on Amelia Island! Plan your trip to the Addison on Amelia Island and get a chance to see for yourself how both the Addison and our home, Amelia Island, are the perfect place to visit for sustainable travelBook your green vacation with Amelia Island today! 

New Audubon International Green Lodging Program Silver Certification