Boat Tours on Amelia Island

A trip to Amelia Island is always exciting for travelers, and those who love to spend time on the water will find it’s a haven for boating adventures. The following are a few of the best Amelia Island boat tours to consider when you can’t wait to make the most of every second on the waves. 

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Backwater Cat Adventure 

Located at 3 S. Front Street in Fernandina Beach, Backwater Cat Adventure is a one-stop resource for on-the-water fun. They’re open from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm daily and reservations can be made by calling 904-753-7631. This top-rated boat company has been serving the area since 2016, delighting guests with their exclusively designed Backwater Cat boats which are loved for their speed, stability, exhilaration, and unparalleled safety standards. These 2-person vessels skim the water and allow for amazing sightseeing and wildlife watching alike. Each rental provides a 2.5-hour experience for guests to enjoy! 

Amelia Adventures 

Travelers who are looking to slow things down on the water and enjoy the view will find it easy to do when they book an Amelia Island guided kayak tour of Lofton Creek through the team at Amelia Adventures. Operating Monday through Sunday from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm, Amelia Adventures is found at 432 S. 8th Street in Fernandina Beach and tours can be booked by calling 904-500-TOUR. A guided kayak tour of Lofton Creek is a 2-hour outing that can be enjoyed for $60 a person. This tour can accommodate beginner-level kayakers as it’s designed to provide participants with a path to paddle through a calm, blackwater channel. As you explore forested wetlands alongside a knowledgeable guide, you’ll set your sights on lush vegetation and wildlife alike. There’s a lot to learn about the history of the area along the way as you explore this protected creek. 

Amelia River Cruises 

For adventurers who are looking to cruise in style, boating with Amelia River Cruises while you’re here is a must. Headquartered at 1 N. Front Street Ste #3 in Fernandina Beach, Amelia River Cruises offers no less than five cruise options for guests to choose from including private charters. With Amelia River Cruises, you can step onboard a 55-passenger vessel, or enjoy time on a double-decker boat too. History sails are readily available through this company as well as party sailings and options to book a boat for a private event. You can book your Amelia River Cruise by calling 904-261-9972. 


When is the best time to enjoy a boat tour? 

While Amelia Island is an inviting vacation destination year-round, spring is a particularly appealing time to enjoy boating here. This time of year, you can count on warm, gentle breezes, inviting temperatures and fewer crowds out on the waves than you might encounter in the summer. 

What should I pack for a boat tour? 

No matter what company you boat with when visiting Amelia Island, it’s important to bring comfortable clothes and swimwear for a day on the waves. Water shoes are recommended if you’re pairing your boating with snorkeling and plenty of eco-friendly sunscreen is highly recommended as well. 

Where can I go after boating to recharge? 

Make plans to book your stay at Addison on Amelia and you’ll have every comfort and luxury you need to recharge and relax after a fun day on the water! 

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